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Shopping in Nepal

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Shopping in Nepal

Shopping in Nepal is a popular activity to buy traditional clothing and thangkas. There are a lot of places for shopping in Nepal. However, some of the popular places for shopping in Kathmandu are Thamel, Durbar marg, places around Durbar Squares, New road, Bhotahity, etc. Also, Shopping in Pokhara is equally important to get souvenirs and handicrafts. The Nepali handmade products are available in the major tourist destinations of Nepal. 

Nepal has huge cabin industries having clothing materials, wood crafts, metal works, and jewelry. Secondary items include sculptures, tea, incense, spices, dolls, puppets, and trekking clothing. Artistic works of silver stone and metal, and gold trinkets, and incredible wood carvings are easily available. The famous Gurkha knife or Khukuri, pashmina, carpets, jewelry, masks, prayer wheels, stone carvings, singing bowls Thangkas and pauls, etc. Many materials found in Nepal carry religious significance. Also, some necessary items are also available in shopping malls, online stores, and retail shops. 

Shopping in Kathmandu 

Kathmandu is a customer's heaven, especially for those who appreciate high-quality artisanal goods at an unbelievable value. Kathmandu’s major tourist area and popular marketplace, Thamel, is a shopping Mecca for tourists with tiny shops, hotels, and lodges followed at every step. Thamel is the most reliable place to buy trekking gear. Thamel is also familiar with the locals for non-designer clothes that are comfortable and stimulated by the radical culture. Tourists generally buy Pashmina Shawls, Thangka (a rare painting), Khukuris (a Nepalese knife), silver wears, etc. Puppets make a good gift for children and are crafted in Bhaktapur as well as other centers. They are usually multi-armed idols holding little wooden weapons in each hand. The puppet heads may be made of easily broken clay or more durable paper mâché.

Shopping in Kathmandu

Shopping activity is popular as it is the major activity that give the true essence of traveling a particular nation. You can get the Nepali clothes and Thangkas, Nepali handmade products that are worth space in your showcase in your living room. The Thamel area of Kathmandu is mainly popular for shopping activities. However, there are a lot of places in Kathmandu where you can get the typical handmade products of Nepal. Basantpur's street and New Road are popular for the wholesale market. Most of the clothing brands are distributed from Newroad, nearby Thamel, and from certain places you can get your desired clothing for a wholesale price. 

The Thamel area is the major tourist hub and has a wonderful shopping experience to offer. You can get attractive brochures and signs. This place is also termed as the tourist market of Nepal because of its extensive collection of handmade and touristic products. You can buy some intangible and tangible products in Thamel as it is mainly popular for facilitating tourist needs. There are retail travel agencies which can provide the tour packages to the different places of Nepal, you can go to the sauna and have some massages. Even the nightlife is vibrant here. 

If you want to buy some goods, Thamel has it all. There are a lot of shops showcasing beautiful products. Though you need to have some bargaining skills in some shops, people are very hospitable and can assist you to get the goods of your choice. 

Things to buy in Nepal: Our Suggestions

Nepal is a popular place for art and architecture. The wonderful metal works, handicrafts and cultural things are the major things that are authentic to Nepal. The Pashminas and Thangka Paintings are also popular picks. You can get very good souvenirs from Nepal for the memories and to gift the near ones. Our top 10 picks for shopping in Nepal are here and you can get these things in the Thamel area of Kathmandu valley and lakeside of Pokhara. 

  • Singing Bowl 
  • Pashmina 
  • Khukuri
  • Daura Suruwal 
  • Thangka Paintings 
  • Statues and Masks 
  • Handicrafts and Handwoven items 
  • Tea and Spices 
  • Jewelry and metal works 
  • Prayer Flags and Yak wool 

Furthermore, if you want to, then you can buy some maps and books on the Himalayas of Nepal from the book shops in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Also, T-shirts and mountain crafts are also major things to buy in Nepal. 

Online Shopping in Nepal 

Online shopping as most people know today is one of the best processes to buy products. Though you cannot select the product in front of your eyes while touching it, you can still have a nice shopping experience if you use some trustworthy portals online. The shopping portals even provide some discounts on specific products and have multiple schemes to lure people. This really saves your time and unnecessary visit wondering about the place where you can get the product. What you need to do is have a good internet connection and surf the internet for your desired product. 

Shopping in Nepal

In Nepal, in most of the shopping portals, you don’t have to pay instantly you ordered. You can pay the amount recurred after getting the product. There are also some good facilities provided by online shopping portals. The refund policy and return policy is also available in the shopping portals of Nepal. 

To buy gadgets, clothing, fashion wears, watches, toys, gifts, and all, there are a lot of shopping portals opened to facilitate the need for travelers. If you are bad at bargaining, online shopping portals can be a good choice. From home appliances to groceries, you can get many products online. Some of the popular online shopping portals in Nepal are Daraz, Sastodeal, Choicemandu, Giftmandu, Foodmandu, etc. However, you need to be picky and have a good sense of buying to get rid of expensive items online. 

Marts and Chain Malls in Nepal 

Especially in the capital of Nepal, shopping is really a growing trend and for that, there are a lot of marts and malls opened. You can get varieties of products in one place in some malls and supermarkets. Some of the chain marts in Nepal are Big Mart, Bhatbhateni etc. These are popular for the extensive collection of diverse products. If you want to visit some malls, there are some popular malls in Nepal which provide multiple services as well. The cinema is also the major attraction of Malls. Some malls such as CTC mall, Kathmandu Mall, Civil Mall, Chhaya Center, Labim Mall, Baneshwar Mall, etc. are popular for shopping in Kathmandu. 

Shopping Malls in Kathmandu

Malls are good places to buy products if you just don’t like to bargain in local shops. It is also an economical way of buying products. And you can trust the Malls as they are also regulated and frequently administered by the government sector of Nepal for irregularities. Groceries, homewares, kitchen products, garnishings, and other utensils, sweets, and a diverse range of chocolates, gifts; everything is available in Malls. So, Malls are popular for buying the products that can save your time and can also help you spend your money efficiently.


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