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South Korea is one of the most vibrant countries in Asia. It is advanced in technology but manages to preserve impressive heritage and history. You can find ancient rich villages and alongside cities that show the pinnacle of Technology and modernization, as well as rare natural scenery. A trip to South Korea will give you a different cultural experience than anything you knew, with a unique experience, extremely gracious local residents, stunning views, historical sites and more. 

Korea is a region in East Asia consisting of Korean peninsular, Jeju island, and several minor islands near the peninsula. Korea has been divided into two states, North Korea and South Korea. 

South Korea is an Asian nation on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula which shares one of the world’s most heavily militarized borders with North Korea. It is known for the green hilly countryside and centuries-old Buddhist temples along with the coastal fishing village, sub-tropical islands and amazing cities, etc.

South Korea is the third biggest in Asia which offers you modern technology with ancient culture and fascinating history. The capital of South Korea is Seoul. It is the historical centre of South Korea. Seoul is the most beautiful city with divine culture and historical places. Its vibrant culture, traditions and amazing natural landscape make your trip worth.

Jeju Island is the most popular holiday destination in South Korea. It is known for its natural wonders such as mountains, waterfalls, white-sand beaches, and a dormant volcano, etc. It is also known as one of the world’s 7 wonders of nature. 

Besides this, some of the most tourist attractions of South Korea are Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan Seoul Tower, Lotte World, Bukchon Hanok village, Namiseom Island, Changdeokgung palace and Huwon, Insa-dong, Hongdae, Myeong-Dong, The Garden of morning calm, Ganghwado island, Huwon secret garden, etc.

Best Time to visit  Korea

Every season gives you a different kind of experience. The best time always depends on your plans, activities and the kind of experience you wanna experience but the Spring season, the month of April, May, June, and the Autumn season, the month of September, October & November are the best to explore this wonderful country South Korea. Hurry up to explore this amazing country which gives you a unique blend of history, culture and natural scenery with delicious food. 


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