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Kushma Bungee Jump

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Kushma Bungee Jumping

Swinging in the high slopes of Kushma and experiencing the enthralling free fall from the world’s second-highest suspension bridge is a rare privilege. Kushma Bungee Jump in the Parvat district of Nepal offers a wonderful adventure. The height of Kushma Bungee is 228 meters, making it the second-highest natural swing. 

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The Bungee Jumping spot at Kushma is positioned in a wonderful 520 m suspension bridge which connects the two villages of Parvat and Baglung districts. 

Apart from the amazing Bungee experience, Kushma also offers the spectacular views of the Himalayas such as Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges and wide cultural variations. It is also renowned for its amazing settlement and there are a few other activities that you can do while visiting this mind-blowing landscape.

Bungee Jumping in Kushma

The premise of the Kushma Bungee spot is a complete adventure camp that offers the world’s highest canyon swing and many other adventure activities. The natural settlement of Kushma Bungee is astonishing and offers the captivating sight of the mountains and gorges. It lies in the Kushma Parvat, on the way to mustang, above the Kaligandaki gorge, approximately 60 KM away from Pokhara valley.

Kushma Bungee Facts

Operator's Name The Cliff
Location Kushma, Parvat district
Available Activities

1. Bungee Jump
2. Canyon Swing
3. Tandem Swing
4. Sky Cycling
5. Ping

Bungee Height 228 m.
Bungee Length 520 m. 
Free Fall Period (Bungee) 8.5 Sec
Free Fall Period (Swing) 4.5 Sec
Weight Limitations (Bungee) Minimum: 40 Kg
Maximum: 120 Kg
Weight Limitations (Swing) Minimum: 40 Kg
Maximum: 120 Kg
Tandem Swing Weight Maximum 120 Kg

Major Attractions in Kushma

Kushma Bungee spot entertains a sort of adventure that no other place in Nepal offers. It is the second-highest bungee jump and the highest Canyon Swing spot in the world. Very intricately decorated with a natural ambience of the Kushma Parvat, environed by the high hills and the Himalayas, the Kushma Bungee Jumping spot has a lot of adventure awaiting you. Some of the major attractions of the Kushma Bungee are:- 

  • Spectacular views of the mountains and surrounding.

  • The thrill of the freefall adventures

  • Suspension Bridge

  • Bungee Jumping 

  • Canyon Swing

  • Tandem Swing

  • Sky Cycle (To be into operation soon)

  • Giant Ping

  • Glamping

  • Sky Bridge

  • Adventure Resort

  • Village lifestyle, vibrant culture and traditions of Kushma

Kushma Bungee is one of the finest destinations near Pokhara valley. A ride from Pokhara to Kushma is itself an adventurous voyage and offers the spectacular views of the Annapurna, Manaslu, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri and many other neighbouring mountains. 

Ping in Kushma

Furthermore, the adventure resort camp in the Kushma Bungee area added a new horizon towards a pure adventure exploration in the Kushma. The canyon swing and bungee jumping are the main activities to do in Kushma now, however, we can anticipate more of that coming. 

What makes Kushma Bungee Adventurous? 

Kushma Bungee Jumping is itself an adventurous activity. In a long suspension bridge of 520 m, experiencing free fall with a rope swing that takes you to the Kaligandaki river gorge while soaring down from the clouds. The major attribute of bungee jumping in Kushma is it is the highest bungee jump in Nepal. Kushma also boasts the highest canyon swing that is as exciting as the bungee itself and offers a thrilling adventure. 

In Kushma, it’s not only the bungee jumping you explore, but the adventurous ambience and other several attractions around as well. Kushma is a place where you can explore other 3 suspension bridges and one mechanical bridge. A nice stroll around the villages of Baglung and Parvat opens up a new way to mix the adventure and culture in Nepal. 

Kushma Bungee Jump

Kushma is also a place of religious attributes. There are several caves and temples to explore. Also, the lake valley Pokhara and beautiful Sarangkot, Parvat and Baglung on the way to Kushma are very beautiful. It is not only proven to be a wonderful escape from the monotonous routine but also to gather the unforgettable memories and experiences. 

Kushma Bungee Prices 

Kushma Bungee Jump came into operation on 31st Oct 2020. Since then, the Kushma Parvat has observed a lot of visitors every day. The cost of Bungee Jumping is not much higher and very worthy of the experiences it offers. The cost of adventure activities in Kushma is provided in the table below.

Cost of Bungee Jumping

Nationality Cost Additional Charges
Nepali NPR 7000 Per Person NPR 1500 (Photo and Video)
Foreigners N/A NPR 1500 (Photo and Video)

Cost of Swing

Nationality Cost Additional Charges
Nepali NPR 7000 Per Person NPR 1500 (Photo and Video)
Foreigners N/A NPR 1500 (Photo and Video)

Cost of Bungee and Swing (If done by the same person)

Nationality Cost Additional Charges
Nepali NPR 10,500 Per Person NPR 1500 (Photo and Video)
Foreigners N/A NPR 1500 (Photo and Video)
Cost Includes 

The aforementioned cost is inclusive of:- 

  • Activity cost.  

  • Photos and Videos of the activity. (If taken additional service)

  • Insurance

  • All the government taxes and surcharges. 

Cost Excludes

The mentioned cost does not include:- 

  • Charge of extra Services. 

  • Any kind of transportation to the Bungee Jump Spot. 

  • Services that are not mentioned. 

Kushma Bungee Packages

The costumed and tailored packages are a convenient and accessible way to explore the beauty and adventure without any hesitation to plan the trip. We have tailored packages to Kushma according to the need and necessity of our guests. 

Kushma Bungee Sky Bridge

Packages by the Cliff

The cliff is the parent company that operates adventurous activities in Kushma. There are several packages provided by The Cliff to facilitate people with their need and desire to visit this amazing place. The packages offered by ‘The Cliff’ are:- 

Day Trip Packages

Day Trips are designed for the people who want to explore the adventure that Kushma has to offer in a single day. The Day Trips starts and ends at Pokhara. It includes shared transportation from Pokhara to Kushma, buffet lunch at the resort and activity cost (if mentioned). The costs are valid till 15th of December, 2020. And the rates mentioned are for trip days Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 

Individual Packages
Activity Cost Remarks
Go and See NPR 2000 N/A
Bungee or Swing Day Trip NPR 8450 N/A
Bungee and Swing Day Trip NPR 11600 N/A
Triple Thrills Day NPR 14000 For 3 Jumps, one Jump is free for the same person
Duo Packages
Activity Cost Remarks
Tandem Thrill Day Trip NPR 15000 Includes tandem swing
Crazy Duo Day Trip NPR 27000 Includes two single Bungee/Swing, one tandem Swing
*Activities Video and T shirt NPR 1500 Applicable to all the packages
Activities only

For the people who want to use their own transportation and bear the cost of lunch themselves, ‘The Cliff’ charges a cost for activities only. The rates mentioned are inclusive of all the taxes. 

Activities Cost Remarks
Bungee Jumping NPR 7000 N/A
Canyon Swing NPR 7000 N/A
2nd Jump NPR 3500 For the same person
3rd Jump NPR 2500 For the same person
4th Jump Free For the same person
Tandem Swing NPR 12000 N/A

Packages by Holidays to Nepal

We, Holidays to Nepal, organize various trips to Kushma from Kathmandu and Pokhara. For the people who want to visit Kushma in a very organized and convenient way, we offer a single day to multiple days trips.  

2 Days Trip by Flight from Kathmandu

The two days trip by flight from Kathmandu is designed for the people who are short of time and want to explore the Kushma Bungee Jump. 

Day 1: Flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Drive to Kushma
Early in the morning, you will have a flight to Pokhara and the same day a drive from Pokhara will take you to Kushma. After your activity, you will return back to Pokhara.

Day 2: Optional paragliding and fly back to Pokhara. 
After breakfast, you can visit Paragliding while returning from Kushma which is an optional activity and later fly back to Kathmandu. 

For Nepali

Package cost with 3 star hotel and Private Transport

People Cost Vehicle
2-3 Person NPR 11000 Car
4-6 Person NPR 10500 Scorpio Jeep
7-10 Person NPR 10000 Toyota Hi-Ace Van

For Foreigners

Package cost with 3 star hotel and Private Transport

People Cost Vehicle
2-3 Person USD 220 Car
4-6 Person USD 200 Scorpio Jeep
7-10 Person USD 180 Toyota Hi-Ace Van

Cost Includes:- 

  • Two way drive from Pokhara to Kushma. 
  • Activity Cost. (Bungee Jumping or Paragliding)

Cost Excludes:-

  • Two way flights cost from Kathmandu to Pokhara. 
  • Services other than mentioned.
  • Extra person’s transportation.
  • Photos and Videos of the activity. 
3 Days Trip by Drive from Kathmandu

Our 3 days trip is for those people who want to visit Kushma by drive from Kathmandu. In this package, the overnight stay will be arranged in Pokhara. 

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara.
Early in the morning, a scenic drive from Kathmandu will take you to the beautiful Pokhara valley. On the way you can visit Manakamana temple or if you are interested in rafting in Trishuli River, it can be arranged. 

Day 2: Drive from Pokhara to Kushma, return to Pokhara.
A short drive of about 2 hours will take you to Kushma from Pokhara valley. After doing activities in Kushma, returning drive will be arranged to Pokhara. 

Day 3: Drive back to Kathmandu.
Today you will drive back to Kathmandu from Pokhara in a tourist vehicle. 

For Nepali

Package cost with 3 star hotel and Private Transport

People Cost Vehicle
2-3 Person NPR 14000 Car
4-6 Person NPR 13000 Scorpio Jeep
7-10 Person NPR 12000 Toyota Hi-Ace Van

For Foreigners

Package Cost with 3 Star Hotel and Private Transport

People Cost Vehicle
2-3 Person USD 280 Car
4-6 Person USD 260 Scorpio Jeep
7-10 Person USD 240 Toyota Hi-Ace Van

Cost Includes:- 

  • Two way drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. 

  • Two way drive from Pokhara to Kushma. 

  • Activity Cost. (Bungee Jumping or Paragliding) 

Cost Excludes:-       
  • Services other than mentioned. 

  • Extra person’s transportation. 

  • Photos and Videos of the activity. 

Pokhara to Pokhara Day Trip

Pokhara to Pokhara Day trip is for those people who are in Pokhara itself or will reach Pokhara and join us to Kushma. We organize a trip from Pokhara that will take you to Kushma and after exploring Kushma, return the same day. 

For Nepali

People Cost Vehicle
2-3 Person NPR 9500 Car
4-6 Person NPR 9000 Scorpio Jeep
7-10 Person NPR 8500 Toyota Hi-Ace Van

For Foreigners

People Cost Vehicle
2-3 Person USD 190 Car
4-6 Person USD 180 Scorpio Jeep
7-10 Person USD 170 Toyota Hi-Ace Van


Cost Includes:- 

  • Two way drive from Pokhara to Kushma. 

  • Activity Cost. (Bungee Jumping or Paragliding) 

Cost Excludes:-   
  • Services other than mentioned. 

  • Extra person’s transportation. Rent a vehicle to reach Kushma from Pokhara.

  • Photos and Videos of the activity.  

Rent a vehicle to reach Kushma from Pokhara

In this trip, we provide various types of vehicles for rental and do not include the cost of activities in Kushma. There are various types of vehicles available with us according to the need and desire of the people. 

Van Rental To Kushma

Vehicle Rental Prices

Vehicle Type Seat Capacity Total Cost
Bike 2 Person NPR 1500 Per Day
Car 3 Person NPR 5000 Per Day
Scorpio Jeep 7 Person NPR 8000 Per Day
Hi-Ace Van 14 Person NPR 10000 Per Day
  • Bike: We have various types of Bikes that can be arranged in Pokhara. Your preferred bike will be arranged for your trip to Kushma from Pokhara valley. 

  • Car: We have various types of Cars such as Sedan Cars for rental. We will provide you with a driver who will help you complete your trip. A car is best suitable for 2-3 people and is a convenient way to explore the beautiful atmosphere all the way to Kushma. 

  • Jeep: Depending upon the number of people, you can choose a Jeep to visit Kushma Parvat from Pokhara. A jeep is convenient for 4-5 People. 

  • Van: We also provide Van rental services. A van is suitable for 6-14 people. 

How to Book Kushma Bungee or Swing Packages?

1st Step: Select your preferred date, duration and type of activity.
2nd Step: Email or Whatsapp us your desired activity, time and your name details for booking.
3rd Step: To confirm the booking, we need an advance amount which is NPR 2000 for Nepali and USD 50 for foreigners.
4th Step: After confirming the booking, we’ll send you an activity voucher.
5th Step: Before the activity, you can send us the remaining amount and enjoy your adventure in Kushma.

For Booking, Please email us at or contact us at +977-9851166779

Advance Booking Amount Payment Details:

Esewa ID: 9851166779 (Kiran Neupane) 

Bank: Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.
Bank Address: Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, Nepal
Account Name: Holidays To Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Account Address: Lainchaur-29, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Account No. 17725240200677
Swift code: NSBINPKA
IFSC Code: SBIN0004430

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Best Time to Visit for Kushma Bungee?

Kushma Bungee Jumping is a year-round activity. The amazing adrenaline-inducing adventure it boasts and natural settlement of this place makes it a complete outing camp for adventure lovers. The best time to visit Kushma is during the months of September, October, November, December, January and until May. 

Skybridge in Kushma bungee

The Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter Season are favourable. But During monsoon time, the climate gets a little harsh and it is difficult to perform Bungee Jumping in Kushma. So, the best time to visit Kushma for Bungee Jumping is Spring and Autumn time, however, Winter and Summer are favourable for the adventure as well. 

Information about The Cliff - Operator

‘The Cliff’ is the operator company of Kushma Bungee Jump, Canyon Swing, Sky Cycling and a few other activities in Kushma. It is a Nepali owned company and operates Bungee Jumping and Swing for now. It is planning to add Sky Cycling, Glamping and Adventure Resort in near future. It officially inaugurated its first venture Bungee Jumping on 31st Oct 2020 and was praised by many for its thrilling adventure and amazing settlement. 

Sky cycling in Kushma

With certified and experienced adventure crew and reliable equipment and gears, ‘The Cliff’ is operating Bungee Jumping and Swing in the Kushma Parvat of Nepal while prioritizing the utmost safety of the customers. 

How to Reach Kushma? 

Kushma lies around 60 Km from the Pokhara valley and that is accessible for the people who want to visit this amazing place. In the Mustang- Pokhara road segment, Kushma's adventure awaits the thrill-seekers in its amazing adventure abode. People can get bus/ jeeps that take them directly to the Kushma where the wonderful Bungee Jumping, Swing and Sky Cycling are situated. From Pokhara, it takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach Kushma and there are various types of transportation services available. If you want to visit Kushma, we can arrange private as well as sharing transportation facilities. 

From Kathmandu

A drive from Kathmandu will take you to the beautiful Pokhara valley. And a connecting drive from Pokhara will directly take you to the Kushma. However, if you want an economical way to visit Kushma, you can take an overnight bus from Kathmandu which will drop you at Pokhara early in the morning. 

From Pokhara, you can directly go to Kushma and after doing activities there you can return back to Pokhara the same day. For luxury travellers, a flight is a convenient and efficient way to reach Pokhara and a drive will take you to the Kushma. 

From Pokhara

Reaching Kushma from Pokhara valley comes handy as you can directly get a Bus/Jeep to Kushma from Pokhara. It is around 60 Km away and takes around 2-3 hours to reach there. You can return the same day back to the Pokhara valley. 

Other Nearby Attractions in Kushma

Kushma boasts numerous attractions in its territory. There are around 3 suspension bridges above the roaring Kali Gandaki river and one Mechanical bridge. Also, the sky bridge of Bungee Jumping spot itself is very thrilling. Kushma is also popular for its pilgrimage importance. The Gupteshwar Cave, Patheshwari temple, Dahare Deurali temple, Ram Janaki Mandir, Alpeshwar cave etc. are major attractions in Kushma. 

Kushma Resort

The Kushma is full of mindblowing attractions. Beautiful hills and forest surround the place, and you can also see the majestic mountain views from Kushma. Apart from the impeccable natural beauty, Kushma is home to various cultural groups. A mix of the cultural diversity of Parvat and Baglung district are also the major things to explore in this place. 

Medical Considerations

While performing adventure activities, it is very important to understand the well being and health condition. Before undergoing Bungee Jumping, you need to be well hydrated, rested and recently eaten. If you have any health disorders or phobia, you immediately need to inform your crew about the problem, which will then be taken into consideration for your own safety. 

If you have high blood pressure, Epilepsy, Heart conditions, High myopia, Broken or dislocated bones, neurological disorders, Fragile skin, Diabetes, Asthma, Anxiety, Sprains or muscular injuries, you should inform your crew or instructor about the condition. 

Swing in Kushma

Having health conditions doesn’t exclude you from the activities itself. Your condition will be assessed and taken into consideration. However, if you have major health issues, your safety is the utmost priority and you will be escorted to other activities which may fit you. 

Adventure activities for Pregnant people and people who have photosensitive epilepsy are not favourable, thus, prohibited. If you have spine injuries/problems or a recent concussion, you need to present a doctor's certificate stating that you can undergo adventure activities. And people who wear glasses, while performing adventurous activities, might have to take it off. 


For any adventure activities, proper gears and clothing are the most important things to take into consideration. To perform adventure activities in Kushma, you need to wear tight-fitting shoes, sports shoes or tight sneakers. And yoga pants are preferred for Bungee Jumping. Also, you won’t be permitted to jump while wearing flip flops, or loose-fitting shoes. 

FAQs about Kushma Bungee

Is the Bungee Jumping safe in Kushma Bungee Jump? 

Yes, the Bungee jumping is safe in Kushma and operators are very much concerned about the safety and security of the customers. For that, modern gears and equipment have been added and trained certified staff are there to accompany the adventure seekers in Kushma. 

What is the height of Kushma Bungee Jump?

The height of Kushma Bungee is 228 m, making it the second-highest natural Bungee Jumping in the world. 

Can I do tandem swings in Kushma?

Yes, the tandem options are available for the people who want tandem swing. 

What is the best time to visit Kushma?

The Kushma Bungee Jump is a year-round activity, however, all the time except monsoon is best favourable. 

How to book Kushma Bungee? 

We book Kushma Bungee and Swing. You can send your enquiry in our email address and we respond to all the queries swiftly. Or, contact us in our number 9851166779 directly. 


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