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Everest Spring Expedition Shut Down

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Nepal Government Shut Off the Spring Expedition 

The Government of Nepal has shut down all the mountain expeditions in Nepal amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Mount Everest spring expedition is directly affected by this decision. In the present, a global emergency due to the outbreak is affecting the world health and economy. As a prevention measure to contain the outbreak in Nepal, the government has decided to cancel all the issued permits for the climbing expedition and won’t issue mountain expedition permits for spring. 

The autonomous region of China also has cancelled the Everest expedition from the northern side a few days back. 

Spring is the lucrative Everest Climbing season and hundreds of mountaineers visit Nepal in spring to climb Mount Everest every year. This season is also the most favourable time for expeditions in Nepal. According to the sources, Nepal earns 4 million USD by issuing the Everest Expedition and tourism is a major source of income in the mountain region of Nepal. 

The Government of Nepal has also decided to halt all the tourist visas from 14th March until 30th April in 2020. 

Nepal does not have any cases of coronavirus. One found in the early month has been cured and all others have tested negative till now. The possible measures to prevent this pandemic is a major concern for Nepal and has been following guidelines and precautions. 


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