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Best Time to Visit Nepal

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Best time to visit Nepal

Are you a keen lover of travelling? Are you inquisitive about the best time to visit Nepal? We highly recommend you to visit Nepal in February to May or September to December as the perfect time to visit in Nepal. For many people, travelling to different countries is a dream and they want to make it come true. There are many things one should definitely check before travelling to any country. First and foremost, you should be aware of when to travel. Indeed, if people go travelling without any preparations and are not aware of the climatic conditions, they may face troublesome conditions.  If you are wondering about visiting Nepal to enjoy your holidays, it is an ideal place with all the mild climatic features. You can travel to Nepal at any time of the year. However, we have here mentioned the perfect time to visit Nepal to make your stay so delightful.

February to May and September to December is the best time to visit Nepal.

As Nepal is divided into three regions, each has its own unique climates. The Himalayan region is always cold, the Hilly region is cold in winter and hot in summer Season and the Terai region, the lower land, is very hot in summer and cold and foggy in winter. If you are a trekker and are planning to go trekking in the upper mountains and Himalayas, the best time to visit Nepal is from late September to early December. At this time, you will see a clear view of the amazing mountain ranges, clear sky and clear view of everything that comes on the way. This time will be neither too cold nor too hot for travelling.

Best time to visit Nepal

If you are someone who loves enjoying the beauty of nature, wants to get interaction with the amazing wild lives of Nepal, and want to see the floras and faunas then the best time to visit here is in the Spring season which starts from March and lasts till May.

Moreover, You can pay a visit to the wildlife reserves and see animals giving birth to their babies as this is the reproduction season as well. You also need to be well prepared with the unconditional rainfalls that might hit you one the way. This season brings a second wave of visitors through a haze that gradually obscures the mountains from lower elevations towards the end of this period. If you are a monsoon lover or a Pluviophile, you must surely visit Nepal during Monsoon season which starts from mid-June and lasts till September. The weather is hot and wet at times.

It rains almost everyday with occasional thunderstorms in the evening. The rain spreads the pleasantness around with lush green vegetation. After the rainfall, the environment looks very pleasant and beautiful. The rain washes every dirt, dust and you can imagine the beauty of a natural scene. However, there are also drawbacks: mountain views are rare, leeches come out in force along the mid-elevation trekking routes, roads and paths may get blocked by landslides, and flights may get cancelled.

For snow lovers, January and Februry is best time to visit Nepal.

Apart from these seasons, you can visit Nepal at any time of the year. Autumn Season, which starts in mid-September and lasts till November, is considered as the main tourists’ peak season. The weather is highly pleasant and the mountain view looks amazing. This is the peak season for trekking as mountain views are guaranteed. So, better book your flight in advance. This is also the season of festivals as Nepal celebrates the biggest Hindu festivals Dashain followed by Tihar. More importantly, you need to pre-book your hotels before coming at this time because it might be hard for you to get hotels because the hotels are over reserved by the tourists who are already here for their holidays. If you are considering visiting Nepal around January and February, make sure you bring your warm clothes. Winter Season in the mountains can be frosty and climate is also not so favorable for trekking activities. 

winter in nepal

All the regions at this time go through extreme cold weather. And it is better to avoid your trekking plans at this time because you might go through extreme snowfalls and fog and might not get a clear view of the Himalayas and the scenario. Be prepared to face the mild as well as extreme harsh climate when you are here.

Best time to visit Nepal for Festivals

If  you are planning to visit Nepal during festivals, it will be more fruitful to obtain new experiences in life. As Nepal is considered to be the garland of various ethnic groups, each group has their own values, customs as well as cultures. Each year, people of Nepal celebrate various festivals and here we mentioned some of the highly celebrated festivals of Nepal that will definitely make every visitor experience the ethos of Nepali culture. The Best time to visit Nepal for festivals depends on the festival time itself. Some of the Major festivals in Nepal that are worth exploring are enlisted here. 

Best time to visit Nepal for Mahashivaratri Festival

Every year, Mahashivaratri festival is celebrated in honour of Lord Shiva as it is the festival of Hindu. It is believed that Mahashivaratri, ‘the Great Night of Shiva’ is the most powerful time. According to Hindu Mythology, the one who meditates profoundly on this day may get salvation. The passionate devotees of Lord Shiva by fasting the whole day, visiting the temple of LOrd Shiva, chanting the hymns of Shiva, awake all night. In accordance with the Hindu Lunar Calendar, it is celebrated on the 14th day of the dark fortnight which falls in either February or March. 

Shivaratri in Nepal

That’s why, Spring is the best season to visit Nepal to attend Mahashivaratri festival and to have a visit to Pashupatinath Temple to see the immense celebration of this festival there. Let's get ready to make your visit to Nepal to get the out-of-this world experience to celebrate the Shivaratri festival in Pashupatinath Temple. 

Holi Festival in Nepal

Festival of colours, holi is one of the most renowned festivals in Nepal that falls on Nepali Falgun month( February to March in solar calendar). There are many myths regarding the festival holi. It is believed that king Hiranyakasyap prohibits following God vishnu. On the contrary to his expectation, his own son Prahalad was the ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Due to the excessive anger, the king ordered his daughter, Holika to kill Prahalad. Being obedient to his father’s decision, she attempts to burn her brother on the full moon night. But, her mission to kill her brother became unsuccessful because Lord Vishnu’s tremendous blessing helps to rescue him from death. Holika herself gets to the face of death. Her own wrong deeds lead to the bereavement of herself. Henceforth, the celebration of the holi festival started. So, this festival is celebrated on behalf of triumph of good over evil. It's a festival that welcomes the spring season.

Holi festival in Nepal

During holi, people throw the colourful water to each other by conveying the good wishes to each other. Basantapur Durbar square area is the focal point to celebrate holi festival in kathmandu. A number of  people come here with happy faces to enjoy the colours and waters.

Indra Jatra Festival in Nepal 

Indra jatra festival is one of the famous street festivals of Nepal. Indra Jatra and kumari Jatra are the two major events that are celebrated in these events. People enjoy this festival by putting the mask of deities and demons on face in an honour of the god Indra, the lord of Rain . The commemoration of the deceased people of family members during this festival is  the focal point of this celebration.

Indrajatra in Nepal

This festival is celebrated mainly for eight days that fall in September and it is considered to be the important festival of the Newar community. Kathmandu Durbar Square is the major spot to celebrate this festival. The chariot of Kumari, the living Goddess, are the major attraction of this festival.

Dashain Festival in Nepal 

Dashain, the major Hindu festival is regarded to be the biggest festival that is celebrated in Nepal. It is celebrated on behalf of the triumph of good over evils. Dashain, the most auspicious festival, falls mainly in September or October celebrated mainly for ten days. According to nepalese annual calendar, it commences from bright lunar fortnight to the full moon day. Goddess Durga, the epitome of power is regarded to be the major deity to worship in Dashain. All the family members gather together to have a whale of time.

Dashain Festival in nepal

The red vermilion powder on their forehead reflects the merriments on their face. By taking Tika from the elder one and getting immense blessings is another important aspect of this festival. It is the festival of reconciliation and enjoyment. A lot of entertaining activities are performed in this festival. 

Tihar Festival in Nepal 

The festival of light, Tihar is also known as Deepawali or Yama Panchak celebrated for five days. It is a festival that is celebrated right after Dashain. According to the Hindu calendar,  this festival is celebrated in the month of Kartik on the night of the New moon (that falls in the month of October or early November). Worship of Goddess Laxmi which is known as the god of wealth and prosperity is the center of prayer during this festival. Similarly, animals and birds are also worshipped in a similar manner.  

best time to visit Nepal

The illumination of houses with lights and garlands filled the immense bliss on peoples’ faces. The entire view of kathmandu at the moment is inexplicable in words. Making the footprints of Laxmi on the path that is leading to the house during the night of Laxmi puja provides extreme delight to every person. On the final day that is known as Vai tika, sisters put Tika on the forehead of their brother wishing for their long life, happiness and success. Different fun activities, gatherings of family, illumination of lights, colours and decorated houses with garland can make everyone happy. So, if you are longing to visit Nepal During these festivals, we are here to make your holiday worthy. 

Best time to visit Nepal for Trekking 

Depending on weather conditions, you can pay a visit to Nepal throughout the year. As Nepal is a country with a diverse climate, Autumn and Spring season are taken to be the best time to trek in Nepal. During autumn, one can visualize the clear mountains, green hills with good weather. The weather of this period is usually clear with warm days and cold nights. The major festivals Dashain and Tihar fall on this season. 

Best time for trekking in nepal

On the other hand, Spring season is the best time to visit Nepal for trekking activities. Diverse range of wild flowers especially the enchanting view of rhododendron, amazing scenes of mountains, melodious songs of birds in the forest are the eye captivating scenes that can captivate the attention of every traveller. Usually, the temperature is mildly warm and quite moderate in the lower elevation and higher elevation respectively which allocate the mesmerizing beauty of mountains. Above all, trekking in this time makes a trekker so comfortable due to the favourable weather condition. In addition, the festival of Holi, Mahashivaratri, Chaite Dashain, Buddha Jayanti falls on this season. 

Best time to visit Nepal for Monsoon Adventure 

Nepal has a monsoon climate that starts from the end of June and ends at the mid of September. Monsoon is the time that brings heavy rain, humidity and fluctuation of temperature. As it veils the mesmerizing beauty of nature with unclear skies, and the leeches appear in this time, it is quite unfavorable time to trek various regions of Nepal. Yet, here we mention the only  place where trekking can be done in the monsoon season- that is the place of Upper Mustang. This place is the only place in Nepal that is untouched by the rainfall of monsoon. Upper Mustang is considered to be the place of Desert in the  Mountain is the precious treasure of Nepal. Birds’ eyes view of the Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and other various peaks  from this place , Buddhist monasteries and hospitality of local people in this region make every trekker's visit memorable for lifetime. 

Best time to visit Nepal

Similarly, Rice planting festival ( Ropai Parva in Nepali) is the most celebrated festival in the monsoon season in Nepal. Fifteenth day of Ashad (Asar Pandra) is regarded to be the official time for rice planting. Farmers by singing, dancing and enjoying mud  plants the crops and  that is the major part of this celebration. Many tourists get attracted with this trend of Nepalese which could be helpful to make every travellers stay in Nepal delightful in the monsoon season. 

Best time to visit Nepal for Snowfall and Winter activities 

Every enthusiastic traveller may have an unquenchable thirst to know about the best time to visit kalinchowk for snowfall. Visiting Kalinchowk in the winter season, the very best time falls on the month from September to May. Kalinchowk is the most revered place and pilgrimage site and a perfect place for hiking. Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple is the mouthpiece of this place. Situated atop the hill, this temple offers you the sublime beauty of nature. From the periphery of the temple, the magnificent views of the mountains  including Gaurishanker, Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lakpa can easily melt your heart. Further, it provides you the different taste of  varieties of Rhododendron as it is famous in Kalinchowk. 

best time to visit nepal for snowfall

These days, this place is renowned for snow activity. Surrounded by the snow all over the place in the winter season, this place provides mind blowing experience for those who want to play in the snowy environment. For those who love to play with snow, the best time to visit this place is from Mid November to January. Similarly , another attraction of this place is the Cable car that can make you in touch with the beauty of nature from the top. Yak sukute and cheese are found in this place. Surrounded by the Gaurishankar Conservation Area, this place is located in Dolakha district with an elevation of 3790 above sea level.

Another famous destination for snow fall is Daman. Mostly in early January, the place is filled with snow. This place attracts hundreds of thousands of people to have a whale of time with snowflakes. Daman, located almost 80km southwest of the Kathmandu Valley is famous for offering the breathtaking scenes of world’s highest peaks Dhaulagiri in the west and Mount Everest in the east. Holy site of Guru Rimburje, sunrise and sunset , enchanting views from the top of the view tower that is fitted with long ranges telescopes, colourful hills of rhododendron, orchids along the side of highway make every traveller visit the place again and again. 

Last but not the least, we highly recommend you all to visit Nepal to make your holidays unforgetful by selecting the favourable season according to your choices of activities and places. If you consider when to travel, make sure you are fully prepared. Nepal is an amazing country, leaving hints on every trail and we are sure that you will have an amazing adventurous experience when you are here. Happy Staying in Nepal !!


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