Bandipur Village Nepal

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Bandipur village nepal

Bandipur village is a living museum of Newari culture, a beautifully preserved village crowning a lofty ridge above the highway stop of Dumre, the mid-stop of Prithvi highway which connects Kathmandu and Pokhara. Lying on the hills, this place gives the majestic view of the traditionally well preserved ancient cultural houses. You can enjoy the view of some beautifully snow-capped mountains too.

Unspoiled cultural artefacts, natural beauty, village settlement along with the mindblowing hospitality of the town, Bandipur preserves Nepal’s confidante slogan ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’: the guests are depicted to be god and people upfront themselves with the greatest hospitality. 

Bandipur village

Bandipur lies in Tanahun district. This place once was a trading route between Tibet and India. It is famous for its ancient culture. The well preserved Newari culture for being the hill station and its rural tourism. Time seems to have stood still here, although it has taken a lot of effort to conserve the enchantment while developing the settlement as a destination.

Nestled in the mountains, besides the brook of streaming Trishuli river, and the wonderful cultural heritage along with the sparkling mountains and lush greenery, Bandipur is truly a queen of the hills amidst the Prithvi Highway in Nepal. 

An obscure mountainous region was consequently transformed to be a commercial hub during the 20th century. The town was an important spot on the India–Tibet trade route until it was bypassed by the Prithvi Highway in the 1960s. Long ago, The Magars ruled Bandipur until the Newari community came and settled there. One can get to visit the most amazing Siddha Cave, which is one of the largest caves of South Asia. The modern vintage look of the cafes, restaurants in the town gives the tourists a different experience. It is a must-visit place in Nepal. One will experience the best times of their life in Bandipur.

Things to do in Bandipur 

Looking for things to do in Bandipur? If you are an offbeat and elite traveller, Bandipur is a relief you need. Authentic Nepali experience with the historical background, Bandipur village in Nepal has everything that you want to opt for in a natural settlement. Plump on the local meal, or try some Bandipur delicacies, visit some caves or go camping uphill, everything is worth here in the queen of hills. 

  • Talk with the locals, you may get some interesting topics to find out. 
  • Try local food and live in the local homestay. 
  • Visit temples around Bandipur (Khadga Devi temple, Bindabasini temple, Thanimai temple etc.) 
  • Explore the villages. 
  • Visit some historical sites and get some understanding about it. 
  • Visit the largest cave system of Nepal- Siddha Cave. 
  • Attend the chariot festivals. 

From the top of Bandipur, you can see the panoramic views of Dhaulagiri, Langtang Lirung, Machapuchare, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal along with the neighbouring peaks and Mountains. The typical village settlement will give you some experiences in village life with cultural diversity. 


The ages-old commercial hub and a historical village of Bandipur is one of the highly admired villages in the mountainous region of Nepal. This village is later developed as a popular tourist centre as it comprises of the mindblowing natural settlement enriched by Newari culture and traditions and wonderful Himalayan views. 

The hallmark of the beautiful village Bandipur as it stands atop as the queen of hills has so many things to offer. Mountains and villages, culture and heritage, pristine natural beauty, everything you want to explore in the mountains is integrated into the beauty of Bandipur. 

Nature caressed the Bandipur village with wonderful variations. The caves, hillocks and the culture; the trio is at its best, offering the lifetime experiences in Nepal. Not to get confused with Bandipur National Park in India, Nepal’s Bandipur is a gem in itself. The best-preserved ancient heritages along with the mountainous beauty are the major things to explore in Bandipur. Stroll around the villages and visit the hillocks, you will get some contagious spiritual bonding with natural beauty with diverse spectrums of the demographic variations. 


The best way to travel to Bandipur village is by road. You can arrive at Dumre Bazaar and then hike up to the town which is only 9 km away from Dumre; else you can hire a local vehicle or go by bus there. On the way, you’ll get to see the Marshyangdi River and some orange orchids. The beautifully designed and carved ancient houses with thatched stone roofs, the well-preserved culture, and the super amazing friendly people will win your heart.

Upon reaching the hill station, one will get to see many cafes, restaurants, hotels and lodges, built and renovated on the old houses with a little vintage European looks. You will get every kind of facility in the place you are staying at a reasonable price. Everything is fine about this place. You will also get to see many astounding places there. You can also get to see many incredible species of butterflies which is another main attraction of Bandipur. Adventurous activities like Rock climbing and Rappelling through the cave add another taste to your stay in Bandipur Village.


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