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Attractive Facts About Mustang Nepal

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Mustang region of nepal

Mustang lies at an altitude of 3,840 meters in the North-Western part of Nepal. Annapurna and Nilgiri mountain range are extended across the northern part. This beautiful land is contrasted into two parts i.e. Upper mustang and lower mustang. Mustang is an arid trans-Himalayan region with a lot of attractions. The diversity in culture, traditions and the geography itself make it a wonderful piece of nature on the planet. There are a lot of places to visit in the Mustang region of Nepal. There are a lot of facts and attractions in the Mustang region of Nepal. 

Highly revered for the pilgrimage and trekking purpose, Mustang region of Nepal offers the splendid Himalayan beauty, diverse cultural variations, amazing topography and astounding mountainous spectrums. Muktinath temple in Mustang is the major pilgrimage attractions of this place. The trekking to the different passes of the Annapurna region is also a major activity in Mustang. Mountain Biking is also popular among biking and cycling enthusiasts as this place offers amazing vistas and valleys to explore. 

Arid landscape and mindblowing beauty of Mustang lures a lot of travellers every year. 

The land beneath the mountains, Mustang is a wonderful destination to visit in Nepal. Explore the incredible cultural spectrums of the Himalayas and astounding geographical variations. The villages here offer an authentic experience in the rural settlement. The courteous and friendly inhabitants and the tourist-centric district of Mustang is Jomsom-The Capital. Trekking in the mountains is a popular activity. However, the latter development in this region makes it a wonderful destination to visit in the Himalayas of Nepal. Upper mustang is mostly popular for adventurous trekking and the lower mustang is famous for natural scenery. The upper part has a trans-Himalayan climate which is cool and semi-arid. It is in the rain shadow of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. One can experience the ancient Tibetan culture in upper Mustang Nepal. 

Lower Mustang also offers short treks and drive excursions to the visitor. Apple farms and the famous Thakali food also belong to the lower Mustang. Kali Gandaki river also follows through the lower Mustang. Saligrams, also found in the Kali Gandaki River, are black fossils, scientists call ammonites. 

1. Natural Beauty

It is located at the northernmost part of the country and is rich in natural vegetation. The tropical alpine and coniferous forest occupy a small portion of Mustang Nepal. Apple fields and rhododendron forests add beauty to the mustang. The biodiversity of the region swiped entire hillsides with pink and red rhododendron forests. Upper Mustang trek offers a chance to explore the thousand years of an old monastery, caves, local tribes and scenic beauties of the different landscapes.

Mustang Region

The spectacular Himalayan beauty is the major attraction of mustang region of Nepal. The amazing settlement, arid beauty, mountain caves, views that lure you for sure and the astounding Himalayan spectrums are the major attractions of Mustang region of Nepal. It has been revered for its amazing natural beauty and in recent years, as the place is explored by more people, this place is into the top list of travellers. Mustang region is synonymous to the attraction itself as it has a diverse geography and amazing settlement. 

2. Desert vegetation around the Himalayas

Although the location lies in the shadow of Annapurna and Nilgiri range, the soil of this region is similar to the desert vegetation. Being at a high altitude, the wind blows throughout the day. Rock soil and rocky highlands make the location suitable for rock climbing.


Regenerating yourself while exploring the amazing beauty of Jomsom, and the Muktinath itself, Mustang offers the life experiences in the mountains of Nepal. The magnificent beauty of mustang that comprises of the arid geography, semi-desert areas and a little downhill lush greenery, the ultimate differences you want to explore in the geography is in Nepal. This landlocked country has a lot of miraculous facts which will undoubtedly facilitate you with the best views and amazing experience. 

3. Deepest Gorge- Kaligandaki 

The origin of Kaligandaki River is in the Mustang district. Kaligandaki River makes the second deepest gorge of the country. The river drains the rocky soil and highlands of mustang and flows towards the south of the country. This gorge is another attraction of Mustang Nepal. The Kaligandaki Gorge is sometimes uttered as Andha Galchi. The graben and beautiful creation of Nature, the Kali Gandaki river is worth exploring in the Mustang region of Nepal. The sheer-sided deep canyon of Kaligandaki is the major attraction of the mustang region. 

Kaligandaki Gorge

The Kali Gandaki River also holds a huge religious significance. Shaligrams found here are worshipped as a sign of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. This is also a major fact about Mustang of Nepal. 

4. Adventurous Sports

It is famous for adventurous sports such as cycling, rock climbing, trekking, horse racing and riding. The geographical structure of Mustang is comprised of highlands and lowlands with plain, which makes it suitable for mountain cycling, trekking. Due to a lack of enough transportation facilities, people raise horses in their home for transportation purposes.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is one of the popular adventures in the Mustang region of Nepal. The unique topography and cultural variation with a little Tibetan influence make it a wonderful place to visit in the mountains of Nepal. 

5. Beautiful Valleys

There are certain beautiful valleys that lie in Mustang district such as Jomsom, Kagbeni, Lomanthang. Jomsom is primarily an administrative and commercial centre with government officials and merchants rubbing shoulders with the local residents of the region, known as Thakalis.


Kagbeni, which lies near the junction with the trail to Muktinath, is a village in Upper Mustang, located in the valley of the Kaligandaki River. Lomangthang which lies in Upper Mustang is famous for trekking adventurous. It is also the last forbidden Kingdom of Nepal. 

6. Himalayan Fields

Being in the northern part of the country, Mustang is stride with the mountain ranges such as Annapurna and Nilgiri range. The Jomsom valley lies in the shade of these mountains which are drained by the Kaligandaki River. Mountains add the beauty of mustang.

Mustang Himalayas

The arid mountains in Mustang are an attraction in itself. The wonderful mountain and mindblowing sceneries along with the beautiful landscapes are the best part of the Mustang region of Nepal. This place is further renowned for its amazing beauty, diverse faunas, apple gardens and astounding views. The Himalayan beauty is also a major fact about Mustang that cannot be left behind. 

7. Culture of Mustang

Cultural trails in the region take into the homes of Gurungs in the lowlands, the hospitality of the Thakalis around Jomsom, Manang is in the east and Tibetans in the arid north. The typical culture of people living in the mountainous region can be observed and enjoy clearly in Mustang. Thakali food is another attraction of this culture and Mustang itself.

Culture of mustang

The culture is a focal attraction of Mustang. The Thakali people are indigenous to this region. The lifestyle of people, pilgrimages, Buddhist gompas and temples, Lamas and Sherpas have unique cultural practices. Their living and lifestyle is also a major thing to study in the Mustang region of Nepal. 

8. Snowfall in Mustang

Being surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, Mustang receives the snow falls frequently and mostly in the winter season. Visitors can enjoy the snowfall and snow games in Mustang during this time. A visit to the snowy places can be done with the horse ride during this period.

Snowfall Mustang

During winter, the hills of Mustang get coated by the snow. The interesting part to see is you can expect sudden snowfall in the mountains in Mustang. Daytime is comparatively windy and nighttime is colder in winter. The air pressure in the down meadows contributes to the continuous airflow and wind in the mustang. It’s an interesting part to explore. The mindblowing creation of natural beauty, all favoured by the climate and vegetation, Mustang is one of the best places to visit in Nepal. 

9. Food and Festivals

Thakali food is famous throughout the country which can be enjoyed at its original place, Mustang. Different local products of apples such as wine, beer, dried items etc. can also be enjoyed. Another attraction of the Mustang region is the Tiji Festival influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. The people of Mustang have their own way of family life, which is quite surprising for many outsiders. All the brothers in the family are married to a single girl, what you may call a practice of polyandry.

Tiji Festival

The festivals and cultures are jewels of Mustang. Culture of the Mustang region is highly influenced by the Tibetan practices, however, the majority of people in Mustang follow Hinduism and Buddhism. The cultural beauty is also a major part that Mustang has to offer. 

10. Muktinath temple

Muktinath temple is the holy place for Hindus and Buddhists. Muktinath is one of the holy places among four ‘Dhams’ of Hindu holy places being located in the mountain region. The most suitable time to visit Muktinath is from March to June, as the weather conditions would not be safe enough to travel in other months. The journey passes through many archaeological sites and temples. The 108 water taps and the nonstop glowing fire is another attraction of this temple. 


The temple has a huge space in the Hindu religion and Mustang holds a huge religious significance in Nepal. The pilgrimage beauty of Mustang attracts a lot of people every year. Many people from different countries visit the Mustang region of Nepal to worship the Muktinath temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. 


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