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How to Book Vietnam Tour Packages from Nepal?

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Vietnam tour packages from Nepal

Vietnam, a country of wonder with its mesmerizing charisma of nature and glorious history, is a popular destination for visitors worldwide. It's not just famous for its scenic beauty but also its local delicacies. With its jaw-dropping vistas and mouth-watering foods, it has set an amazing place in the heart of many, as a considerable crowd lines up for a visit to this fantastic destination.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, known as the wonderland of Vietnam with its ancient tradition and culture. It is also the second largest city in Vietnam. It is mainly renowned for its French colonial architecture and many ancient heritages with well-preserved museums. Also, the signature weather of Hanoi makes the trip more remarkable and fun. Additionally, Hanoi has high HDI, so the civilization here is much more organized, safe and secure.

Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam, with a buried history underneath. It has presented the fastest economic recovery after the massive destruction from the agonizing war. It is famous for its bustling street life, lying on the shore of the Saigon river. Just like Hanoi, it also boasts French colonial architecture, cultural institutions, historic landmarks, walking streets, museums and galleries. The vivid greenery around the surroundings and the calm, chill, fresh ambience make this largest Vietnamese city a little utopia.

Many other destinations in Vietnam have grown their importance with their significance, which is briefly discussed below. Apart from the places and spots, Viet food is unparalleled to the taste of any other region. It is considered the healthiest food with the best-ever combination of the tastes. If you ever visit Vietnam, remember to get the divine taste of the delicacies near the streets of Vietnam.

Dong is the currency of Vietnam, and its culture and tradition give first priority to the family and community with humanity and promote harmony. Dragon ( Mythical holy dragon), The lac (Mythical holy bird), and the turtle and the horse are the cultural symbols Vietnamese people worship. Vietnam is home to 16% of the world's species as it has a high level of biodiversity./p>

Vietnam's climate is favorable all year. So, there is no wrong time to visit this country. Also, the best time for visiting depends on which places or parts you want to explore. As the country has a tropical monsoon, May to September is the best time to explore the southern region and October to April is best to explore the northern part.

Where is Vietnam?

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination on the eastern edge of southeast Asia, bordering China to the north and Laos to the west. It spreads on the eastern edge of the Peninsula, known as Indochina, shaped like the English consonant S. It is terrorised by Cambodia in the southwest while the great Eastern sea surrounds it in the east and southeast.

Vietnam Major Attractions

Some of the major attractions of Vietnam are shortlisted below. You can scan those:


Located in the northern region of Vietnam, Hanoi is the second-largest city in Vietnam. It is the capital of Vietnam, with an area of 3,328.9 square kilometres. After Ho Chi Minh, it is the second economic centre of Vietnam and northern Vietnam's cultural, commercial and educational centre. It is a popular tourist destination and Vietnam’s most visited city, with 4.8 million international visitors.

Hanoi has many interesting historical and cultural monuments and is considered the main cultural center, reflecting more than 1000 years of history. Some major attractions of Hanoi are the Old Quarter, Long Bien Bridge, Bao Son Paradise Park, Ho Chi Minh Museum, West Lake, Vietnam’s Military Museum, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, One Pillar Pagoda, Museum of Ethnology, Hoa Lo Prison, Temple of Literature, Hanoi Opera House, Ba Vi National Park, Perfume Pagoda, Dong Xuan Market, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, etc.

Ho Chi Minh

Located in Southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is the largest and the most populous city of Vietnam with an area of 2,061 square kilometres. It is also known as Saigon and Vietnam's commercial and financial hub. Annually, it receives 8.6 million international visitors. It is a French colonial landmark and is best for luxurious travellers. It has a tropical Savanna Climate. Some top places in Ho Chi Minh are Binh Tay market, War Remnants Museum, Cu Chi Tunnels, Cao Dai Temple, Jade Emperor Pagoda, Bitexco Tower, Reunification Palace, Ho Chi Minh central post office, Mariamman Hindu Temple, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.  Ho Chi Minh has truly fascinating historical and other places for all ages, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Ninh Binh 

Ninh Binh is the capital of Ninh Binh province in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam. It is a small city in northern Vietnam with an area of 48 square kilometres. It is less popular than other places but has everything to offer visitors. It looks like Halong on the land, with hundreds of limestone and lush greenery around the city. The eastern part has a coastal area, and the northwest consists of mountains. It is a fantastic place for those who are interested in nature.

Some must-see places in Ninh Binh are Tam Coc, Phat Diem Cathedral, Van Long Nature Reserve, Bich Dong Pagoda, Hao Lu, Cuc Phuong National Park, Chua Bai Dinh, Mua Cave, Boat Trip at Trang An, Hang Mua Peak, Tour at Turtle Conservation Center, etc. Ninh Binh is full of nature, lush greenery and mountains which give amazing vibes and please you with their breathtaking scenery.

Quang Ninh

It is a large province and home to Halong Bay and an international border of China. The area of Quang Ninh comprises mountains, hills, and coastal regions. Ha, Long Bay features 1,969 islands, out of which 989 have been given names. There are many beautiful beaches and also historical and architectural monuments. Some of the top places in Quang Ninh are Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Pont Bai Chay, Sun World Ha Long Complex, Sung Sot Cave, Tuan Chau Island, Dong Thien Cung, Cua Ong Temple etc.

Vietnam Packages

The following are the popular Vietnam packages:

  1. Short Vietnam tour package

  2. Wonderful Vietnam tour package

  3. Best Vietnam tour package

Booking Procedure

You have to go through a series of steps for booking Vietnam packages which are elaborated below:

STEP 1: You have to send a query with all your requirements in the very beginning, and in accordance with that, we will respond to you.

STEP 2: We will send you the quotations after receiving your queries. The quotations will carry the complete information about the package from the beginning of the tour to departure, along with the cost.

STEP 3: After receiving the quote, you have to confirm as soon as possible, as there is no such privilege of holding the room prior, and there may be unavailability of hotel rooms and flight tickets if the delay is caused.

STEP 4: After the confirmation, You have to send us the complete payment; then only,  we will start your trip preparation by hotel booking, visa procedure, and flight booking simultaneously.

STEP 5: You need an on-arrival visa for Vietnam. We will manage the visa on our own, so you don't have to worry about that. You just need to fill out a visa application form; after that, all other paperwork regarding your visa will be managed by us. We will grant you a visa approval letter for entering Vietnam. In the international airport of Vietnam, you will be asked to stamp your passport before entering Immigration. Here you have to pay some amount, basically, some charge (visa fee). Then after you get the stamp on your passport, you will easily pass through Immigration.

The documents required for this procedure are your passport with at least six months of validation, two blank pages, and some passport-sized photos.

STEP 6: After receiving your payment, we will send you all the trip details, such as hotel vouchers, visa and flight tickets.


Above mentioned steps will guide you in booking the packages for Vietnam.

Things You Need to Know

Things you have to consider before paying a visit to Vietnam are cited below:

Nepal Immigration Rules

Even after the visa is granted, you need to pay special care to Nepal immigration. Immigration will undergo a series of procedures, and you have to be completely honest with them, be ready for their interrogations, and carry all the necessary documents(in the case of the married couple, please carry your marriage certificate). There you have to state your purpose of visit clearly. Based on your statements, they will run a background check, from your travel history to financial activity. If immigration suspects you and stops you, then you will not be able to travel. In such cases, we will not be responsible.

Money to Carry/Cash Requirements

You can carry USD 1200 to 1500 for your personal use. The sightseeing charges are included in the packages, but for extra expenses such as shopping, you need to carry some USD. You can only take USD 1500 at most, for taking more than that, you need to go through the law procedure.

Things Not to Carry

Don't carry any types of weed or drugs with you. It may result in a very deadly situation. So, don't make the mistake of carrying such things.

Airport Pick Up

At the airport, our local resprestantive will pick you up. What you need to remember about airport pick-up is that there may be multiple exit lanes sometimes. We will notify you of the exit lane where our local representative will be present, and you need to go to that particular lane; otherwise, you may not meet him/her in some other random lane. So, pay good attention to this.

Why Book with Us?

We can give several reasons for you to book your Vietnam tour with us. Some of them are mentioned below:

A Customised Trip

We will customise the trip per your needs and preferences. You can ping us if you want to upgrade the hotels, change the airlines, or expand the tour. We will make the modifications suggested by you; however, the itinerary remains the same, and only slight changes are performed.

Private Arrangements

All the transportation will be arranged privately; you don't have to worry about sharing your trip with a stranger. And if you like to make your moment even more special, we can make private arrangements per your request. The arrangement costs will not be included in the package; you must pay extra.

Quality Hotels

Our prime consideration is quality hotels. We mainly focus on the accommodation, as the trip relies on it. All the hotels provided to you will be highly sanitised, in the proper location with excellent services. You won't have a word to complain afterwards, and we assure you that the services will delight you. So, book your trip with us without any worries.

Safety and Trustworthy

You can read our reviews on TripAdvisor. Till date, we are able to stay on what we say, “quality service with trustworthiness”. Your safety will be our prime responsibility, but don't violate any rules of the respective region. You must follow the guidelines, stay disciplined, and follow the local customs and practices. Additionally, for your comfort, we will provide you with a local guide from the start of your trip till the departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequent queries on booking Vietnam packages are mentioned below:

Do Nepalese require a visa to visit Vietnam?

Yes, Nepalese passport-holder citizens can get a visa on arrival in Vietnam. Arrive at Vietnam Airport, pay your visa fee, get stamped on your passport & enjoy your tour.

When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

There is no wrong time to travel to Vietnam as its climate is favourable throughout the year. But May to September is considered the best time to explore the southern part, and October to April is best to explore the northern region.

Which language is spoken in Vietnam?

The native language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. As Vietnamese is difficult to speak, they speak English in tourists area to comfort foreign people.

What are the popular places to visit in Vietnam?

Some popular places in Vietnam are Ha Long Bay, Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, Sapa, Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, etc.

Is Vietnam a safe country to travel to?

Vietnam has high security and a low crime rate. So it is a highly safe country to travel to.


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