Highlights of Phoksundo Lake Trek

  • Exploring Isolated Tibetan villages.
  • Crossing deserted rain shadow areas of Lower Dolpo.
  • High suspension bridges, authentic trails to Ringmo village.
  • Diverse Flora and Fauna in the Shey Phoksundo National Park of Nepal.
  • Snow-capped Kanjirowa Massif (6,612 m).
  • Deepest and crystal clear Phoksundo Lake.
  • Gompas and monasteries like Shey Gompa, Thasung Gompa and Tshowa Monastery.

Phoksundo Lake Trek Overview

Phoksundo Lake Trek is one of the pristine and less explored trekking destinations in the rural mountain region of Nepal. Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek offers the rural mountainous beauty and encompasses the excellent range of biodiversity, flora and fauna and the wonderful cultural spectrums. The oak forest, f]pine forest. Fir trees, suspension bridges, and typical village lifestyles are the major attractions of the trek. The Phoksundo Lake is also the deepest oligotrophic lake in the high altitudes of Nepal and sacred to Buddhists and Bon followers. Trekking to Shey Phoksundo Lake is getting popularity as it is pristine and amazing with diverse experiences.

The Mountain lifestyle is the major thing to explore while trekking in the mountains of Nepal. Rural villages, deep valleys, monasteries, dense forests, culture, and traditions, national park etc. are the major attractions of the trek. The amazing Shey Phoksundo Lake is surrounded by Tashowa Monastery and Ringo village, both are the excellent hub for cultural exploration. Several monasteries such as Thasung Gompa, Shey Gompa are also the amazing sights in the very rural Shey Phoskundo.

Shey Phoksundo lake lies in the isolated and least developed region of Nepal. The camping is not required during the trek as there are some teahouses and lodges available in local places. Also, you will get a defined trail to trek to Phoksundo Lake. This is an 11 days trek which facilitates you to explore the mindblowing rural beauty of the Nepalese mountain terrains, unspoiled culture and traditions along with the diverse range of flora and fauna.

The Tibetan culture influenced villages, rain shadow areas of lower Dolpo, Ringmo villages, high suspension bridges, Kanjirowa Massif (6612 m), Gompas and monasteries along with the beautiful Shey Phoksundo lake itself attracts a lot of visitors to explore the beauty this rural area has to offer. Furthermore, you will get an excellent sight of the mountain ranges, human habitat and diverse flora and fauna in the Shey Phoksundo National Park of Nepal.

Shey Phoksundo National Park is a beautiful National Park in the higher elevations which offers diverse range of flora and fauna. You will get an excellent opportunity to explore the lakes, valleys, waterfalls, mountain passes, villages and Himalayan views along the trek. Some of the rare and endangered species like Musk deer, blue sheep, snow leopard, Himalayan Tahr, etc. are found in the National Park territory. The sights of Yak caravan, ancient trade route, marvelous Kanjirowa and many other things in the mountain are worth exploring.

Some of the rural villages such as Dunai, Santa, Chhepka and Jharna Hotel are fascinating during the trek as you will get to explore the cultural conundrum of the human settlement. There is also a beautiful 167 m waterfall which is a wonderful place to see.

The National Park in Shey Phoksundo is the largest trans-Himalayan National park in the rural mountain region of Nepal. Encompassing the districts of Mugu and Dolpa, Shey Phoksundo National Park stands atop for the amazing trans-Himalayan views and oligotrophic lake. The total area of National Park is 3555 sq. km where you can find some of the wild habitats such as Snow leopard, musk deer, Himalayan Thar, blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, jackal etc. Monastries like Shey Gompa, Thashung Gompa are also major cultural sites in Dolpo.

Shey Phokdundo Lake is a deep bluish-green lake that is sacred to Hindi and Buddhist followers at an elevation of 3640 m. The length of this marvelous lake is 5.15 sq. km whereas the width of this lake is 800 m. This lake is isolated and least explored thus pristine and beautiful. In the wonderful Himalayan terrains, this lake offers the spectacular beauty of the mountain terrains, monasteries, and excellent cultural spectrums. Nature’s kept secret, Shey Phoksundo Lake offers a wonderful experience in Nepal.

Trekking to Shey Phoksundo Lake starts with a scenic flight from Kathmandu valley. A domestic flight from Kathmandu will take you to Nepalgunj where you will get another flight to Juphal. Juphal is a major point from where your trekking starts. You will trek from Juphal to Dunai through the bank of Beni River. You will trek to Chhepka village from where the National Park area starts. Further trek will be through the Jharna Hotel which is also an excellent place to explore the culture and traditions of local people.

From Jharna hotel, you will trek to wonderful Phoksundo Lake passing through Ringmo village along with some monasteries. You will explore the excellent Phoksundo Lake and its surroundings. Some monastery such as Tshowa Gompa is a wonderful place to explore the Bon culture. The returning trek from Phoksundo lake will take you to Chhepka village and Juphal. From Juphal, you will get a flight to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj is a beautiful suburb in the lowlands of Nepal. You will get another flight to Kathmandu valley from Nepalgunj.

Phoksundo Lake trek is one of the best trekking in the western region of Nepal. Trekking to the lake is pristine, unspoiled and culturally and naturally rich. This trekking makes your experience diverse and wonderful in Nepal.

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