Highlights of Rara Lake Trek

  • Explore the rich biodiversity of Rara National Park of Nepal.
  • Natural beauty and tranquillity of Rara Lake.
  • Remote Classical Himalaya and Least Exposed Trekking Area.
  • Walkthrough beautiful pine, birch, and rhododendron forests.
  • Jaljala pass, Ghurchi Langna Pass & Danphe Lagna Pass.
  • Visit Sinja valley, an important old historical place of Nepal.
  • Enjoy a super scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and vice-versa.
  • Experience the authentic culture and lifestyle of Jumla and Dolpa district.

Rara Lake Trek Overview

Rara Lake trek is a 15 days trek in the western region of Nepal. Short and off the beaten trek to Rara provides the immense pleasure of exploring the unexplored and pristine part of Nepal. The western part of Nepal is considered to be a diverse and culturally rich place. This area is not so visited and offers a nomadic lifestyle, unaffected culture, and traditions along with an excellent range of biodiversity. In this trek, you will get to experience the lowlands and the mountainous region. Rara lake is popular for its amazing attributes such as changing color according to time, its shape and its location.

Rara Lake is the biggest lake of Nepal. Trekking to Rara Lake doesn't only provide the best experience of the lake itself but also the amazing flora and fauna of Rara National Park. The Rara region prevails in its amazing cultural practices. The culture and traditions of this region are isolated and unaffected by the external world and suburbs. The mountain hamlets in the isolated region of Rara is the best part to explore in this region. Further, you will be welcomed by the people whose cultural practice itself is the best hospitality.

The Rara lake is considered to be the bluest water lake in the world. It is further renowned for its strange color changing attribute. The lake turns into three different colors in a day. Besides the amazing trekking experience to Rara Lake, it is also a wonderful opportunity to witness the strange behavior of water in Rara. The flora and fauna of Rara National Park is also a major highlight of the trek. Several floral species such as Blue pines, black juniper, Oak trees, Rhododendron forests etc. are amazing in Rara. The Himalayan Black bear, Musk deer, Ghoral, Tahr, Red Panda, Leopard, etc. species are found in the Rara National Park of Nepal.

The unique culture than the other part of Nepal is found in Rara. People here have distinct traditions, different languages, and Hindu cultural practices. This area is also an excellent place to study the floral and faunal spectrums. It also boasts more than 200 species of birds species, making it a perfect spot for bird watching too. The subtropical woodlands of Rara are amusing and offer the best trekking experience in the rural mountains of Nepal.

Rara Lake trek starts from Jumla. Jumla is also a very rural region of western Nepal. The wilderness and the typical village settlement in the rural mountain in Jumla is a fascinating sight to see, and a wonderful place to explore. The cultural practices of Jumla are very wonderful. This area is also considered to be the origin area of the Nepali language. However, the modern Nepali language does not correspond with the language of Jumla.

The rich biodiversity of Rara National Park is alluring, it is also the best if observed in Spring. The tranquil of Rara lake, remote Himalayan views, classical trail, typical rural lifestyle, wonderful hospitality, and pristine culture and traditions are the major things that piqued Rara as an awe-inspiring destination to explore. Some historical places of Nepal such as Sinja valley and culturally rich places in the western region are the major attractions of the Rara Lake Trek. Authentic cultural practices of the people of Rara, Jumla, and Dolpa are mindblowing and you will explore the astounding Kanjirowa Himalayan Range along the trek.

Rara Lake Trek starts with a flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Another flight from Nepalgunj will take you to the rural village of Jumla in Nepal. You will explore the culture, hospitality, and Jumla that is environed by the pristine natural beauty. The further trek to Chere Chaur, Chala Chaur, and Jaljala pass in the high mountain ranges in amazing. You will be exploring the beautiful mountain views, flora, and fauna, housing style, culture and traditions in the locality alongside the excellent natural beauty.

Following the Jaljala river, and steep ascent and descents, you will reach Sinja valley. It is historically a rich place in Nepal. This place is considered to be the capital of the Malla dynasty during the 12-14th century. The further trek will take you to Ghorusinge and Rara Lake. You will explore the beauty of Rara and the surrounding areas. The further trek to the villages such as Pina and Bumra will take you to the Jumla district. From Jumla, you can get a flight to Nepalgunj. Another flight from Nepalgunj will take you back to the Kathmandu valley.

The Rara Lake Trek is a diverse and amazing trek in the western region of Nepal. The pristine beauty of Rara lake, Rara National Park and some places such as Sinja valley, Jumla, and other villages along the trek offers the astounding culture and traditions of the western region. Rara Lake Trek is one of the best trekking for avid trekkers and elite explorers who want to experience the typical culture of Nepal and the unspoiled natural beauty.

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