Highlights of Humla Limi Valley Trek

  • Trekking in the unexplored and untouched destinations of regular parts of Nepal. 
  • Witnessing some of the vintage Dzongs of the Humla district.
  • Interacting with the locals and learning their unique traditions and culture.
  • Amazing views of the beautiful mountain ranges during the trek. 
  • Stopover the various hot water pools around Humla.
  • Scenic flight to Nepalgunj and Simikot.
  • The amazing experience of camping trek in the western part of Nepal. 
  • May encounter snow leopards, blue sheep, jackals, musk deer, wild horse etc. 

Humla Limi Valley Trek Overview

Humla Limi Valley trek is a 20 days trek that takes you to the unexplored and rural villages of Nepal. The pristine and isolated part of Karnali, Humla and Limi valley are the major attractions of the trek. Historically enriched salt trading route and Kailash pilgrimage route also lies in the trail to Humla and Limi Valley. This trekking is off the beaten path trek that is highly unexplored and unaffected by the external human interference. You can explore the Tibetan influenced culture in the higher elevations whereas you will be exploring the Hindu cultural practices that have distinct identity in the lower elevations during the trek.

The trekking to Humla Limi Valley starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Trekking to Humla starts from Simikot. You will be crossing two passes that offer the spectacular beauty of mountains, high hills and deep valleys along the trail. Nyalu La Pass and Nara La Pass are the major crossings at an altitude of 4949 m and 4530 m respectively. The lush greenery and flora and fauna are also a fascinating part to explore while trekking to Humla and Limi Valley.

Amazing passes and Mountainous beauty is a very attractive part of the trek. The Nara La Pass and Nyalu la pass are historically enriched routes. Nara La Pass at 4530 m is also a part of the ancient salt trade route. In the far northwest of Nepal, this pass is fascinating and offers amazing beauty in the surrounding. Nyalu La pass at 4949 m offers the glorious mountain views, deep valleys, and lush greenery. The trail are bumpy, rocky and graveled in some places. Tibetan prayer flags along the trail add a sort of spiritual experience as well.

The Passes, valley, and villages are major highlights of the trek. Also, Sheliman Lake is also a fascinating part of this trek. You can explore the spectacular Himalayan views of Mount Api, Saipal, Kanjirowa, Mount Kailash, etc. from the trek.

Limi valley in the Humla district is also the major place to explore in this trek. The isolated and unexplored trekking to Limi valley is very admirable and offers a wonderful experience. The culture and traditions that are unaffected by the external human interference is the major part to explore in Limi Valley. You will be passing through the Karnali region of Nepal. The Karnali river is also the longest river of Nepal that originates from the Mount Kailash region. Karnali area is one of the rural parts of Nepal. It is not so developed and isolated from modern society. You can explore the authentic cultural practices in the villages along the trek.

Some Gompas and monasteries are also an important part of this trek. The perfect blend of culture and traditions makes this trek an inclusive type of trek that has adventure, thrill and provides knowledge about the rural Nepali settlement. You can witness the excellent Buddhist practices in Gompas at Kermi Village. There are two monasteries that worth exploring in Kermi village which is Laikyo Gompa and Lhundrup Gompa.

Furthermore, walking throughout the banks of the Sali river is an amazing experience. You can visit some monasteries such as Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery, Dhungkar Choezon Monastery, etc. The trekking to Humala and Limi valley is a wonderful experience as it provides the immense natural beauty, cultural conundrum and rural lifestyle in the mountains of Nepal.

Humla Limi Valley trek starts from Simikot after a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Nepalgunj to Simikot. You will trek to a beautiful village Dharapuri through the bank of Karnali river and beautiful pine forest. The further trek will take you to some of the beautiful villages such as Kermi, Yalbang, Tumkot, Thado Dhunga, and Hilsa. You can explore some monasteries and Gompas in Tumkot and Kermi village.

From Thado Dhunga, you will cross Nara la pass to reach Hilsa. Hilsa is a beautiful small village near the Tibetan border. This is also a major place that Kailash Yatris travel through. The further trek from Hilsa is towards Limi valley. You will trek to Manepame village. These villages in Limi valley are amazing and offer a wonderful experience. You will trek further to Historical Til village and Halji village. You can explore the pristine culture and traditions, lush greenery and beautiful mountain views from these villages.

The further trekking from Halji village will take you to Jang and Talung village. You will have to cross Nyalu La Pass to reach another village Shinjungma. You can explore the diverse range of Himalayan beauty from Nyalu La Pass top. The astounding views of Api Himal, Saipal Himal, Mount Kailash, etc. are spectacular from Nyalu La Pass. The further trek will take you to Kermi village and Simikot. From Simikot, you will get a flight to Nepalgunj. You can explore the Bardia National Park by extending a few days there. A flight from Nepalgunj will take you back to the Kathmandu valley.

Humla Limi Valley Trek is one of the best treks in the western region of Nepal. The unexplored beauty of the mountains and pristine culture and traditions along with some Gompas, lakes, valleys, and villages are the major attractions of the trek. This trek is ideal for avid trekkers who want to explore the best natural beauty that is isolated from modern societies.

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