Highlights of Badimalika Trek

  • Stopover at religious site Tribeni.
  • Historic Amargadhi Fort at Dadeldhura.
  • Magnificent view of Mt. Api & Mt. Saipal.
  • Witnessing the Delightful Dhawalpur Lake.
  • Adventure in the Grasslands.
  • Breathtaking View of the Himalayas During Flight.
  • Sacred BadiMalika, Natyeshwori & Silgadhi Temple Visit.
  • Attractive landscapes, waterfalls, green forests and murmuring streams.

Badimalika Trek Overview

Badimalika Trek is the far western beauty of Nepal. Situated in the far western region of Nepal, this trek is truly pristine, unspoiled and amazing trekking in Nepal. Badimalika is the religious deity in the high mountain settlement of the Bajura district in the Seti Zone of Nepal. Many pilgrims visit Badimalika every year, but since the traffic is local in the festival time, it is kept secret to the outsiders. The amazing spiritual ambiance of the Badimalaika is a divine experience in Nepal.

The major attraction of the Badimalika trek is high mountain passes, medieval valleys, caves, astounding Himalayan views, cultural and traditional practices, lifestyle and spirituality encompassing the excellent range of natural beauty. Wilderness in the pristine nature is astonishing and perfect for the avid trekkers. Since the trekking in the far western region is very unexplored and least visited, the adventure in this area is worth exploring and offers a lifetime experience.

The Badimalika temple is dedicated to Hindu deity, Bagawati. It is religiously highly important and a place of huge spiritual significance. Remote beauty and unspoiled culture and traditions are the major essences of the trek. You can also explore the remote campsites, rivers, mountains, passes, Himalaya views and the excellent green hills. The astonishing beauty of the mountain is best explored in the hidden gem of the Bafimalika trek. The fascinating beauty of the Bajura in West-Northern end of Nepal is awaiting the explorers in Nepal.

In a small hillock, the temple of Badimalika lies. This is the major attraction of the spiritual Badimalika trek. Furthermore, the best views of Api and Saipal mountain ranges are best discovered from the trek. The trekking to Badimalika can be blended with the mind-blowing Khaptad National Park. Bajura district of Nepal is also remembered for its amazing cultural practices. The unspoiled culture and traditions of the local people is also a major thing to explore during the Badimalika trek.

Badimalika temple is situated at an altitude of 4200 m above sea level. This trek is technically not so difficult but high altitude sickness makes it strenuous in this region. The floral smell and high altitude itself makes it difficult to trek. The trekking is not completely a camping trek. However, in the upper part of the Bajura district, there is no human settlement, so, trekkers need to stay in camps. In the lower parts of the Bajura district, you can get local teahouses and lodges for accommodation. The hospitality of the locals is amazing here.

The breathtaking mountain views, alongside the spectacular and indescribable beauty of the Badimalika, is attractive. The crystal clear and spiritual ambiance, astounding Himalayan views, awe-inspiring greenery, grazing fields, sunrise and sunset views are best in the trek. Trekking in this region is favorable throughout the year but in winter the trekking experience might be affected because of heavy snowfall in the upper elevations.

The beauty of blooming Rhododendrons and amazing greenery in spring makes it the best time to trek in this region. Trekking to Badimalika is completely rural and pristine, so you will be trekking in the ideally rural region of Nepal. The unspoiled culture and traditions are the best part of the trek. You can also explore the delightful Dhawalpur lake, Badimalika, Natyeswari and Silgadhi temple, attractive landscapes, waterfalls, and lush green forest.

Trekking to Badimalika starts with a flight to Dhangadhi in the lowlands of western Nepal. A drive from the Urban capital of far west, Dhangadhi, will take you to Dadeldhura. You will explore some of the beautiful and historical places such as Amargadhi fort, Ugratara temple, etc. in Dadeldhura. You will drive further to some of the pristine and beautiful villages such as Jadanga and Budha Krodh. The Bhito and Triveni.

Further trek ahead Triveni, you will reach Badimalika. You can witness the beautiful mountain views and spectacular beauty in the surrounding. Also, visit the temple and explore the amazing grazelands and marvelous mountains. From Badimalika, you will trek to Dhawalpur Lake. The majestic views of Api and Saipal mountains are mindblowing from the hilltop. Amidst the dense forest, Dhawalpur lake is a beautiful lake to explore in this region.

After exploring the lake, you will trek to Lamagadh. The Natyeshwari temple on the way is one of the popular temples in this area. You will visit the Natyeshwari temple. You will also get an excellent opportunity to explore the Saileshwari temple, on the way to Silgadhi. The beautiful confluence of Budhiganga and Malagadh river is amazing along the trek. Both the Saileshwari temple and Natyeshwari temple are highly revered by Hindus. From Silgadhi, you will have a drive to Dadeldhura and Dhangadhi. You will have a flight from Dhangadhi to Kathmandu valley.

The Badimalika Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in the far western region of Nepal. If you want to explore the unexplored part of Nepal that has so much beauty to offer, Badimalaika Tek is an ideal choice.

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