Highlights of Api Saipal Himal Trek

  • Awfully persuasive for bird surveillance.
  • Explore Kali Dhunga Lake.
  • Adventurous camping trek towards an unspoiled region of Nepal.
  • Explore the local culture of a different community.
  • Trek in the Api Saipal massif, a remote region that has changed very little compared to the Annapurnas and Khumbu.
  • Pansy forest, high passes and lonely villages to the overture. 
  • Breathtaking views of mountains including Api, Saipal, Rajamba, Nandadevi etc.

Api Saipal Himal Trek Overview

Api Saipal Himal Trek is an amazing trek that takes you to the wilderness of the rural beauty in the western region of Nepal. The remote and pristine far western region of Nepal is popular for its amazing cultural practices. For the avid trekkers and explorers, Api Saipal Himal trek is a perfect trek as it blends the diverse natural beauty, astounding Himalayas, glacier lakes, pansy forests, high mountain passes and unspoiled culture and traditions. The wilderness of the beauty of the western part is integrated into this trek. You get to experience the western lowlands and High mountain massifs in this trek. The diverse and distinct experience that is different than other commercial trekking in Annapurna and Everest is in Api Saipal Himal Trek.

The Api Saipal Himal Trek is not difficult; however, it requires some good physical fitness. There are some mountain passes along the trail, so, understanding about High altitude sickness and mountain trekking is very beneficial. The Mount Api is situated at an altitude of 7132 m above sea level and is the highest mountain in the far western region of Nepal. Also, the Saipal Himal lies at an altitude of 7031 m above sea level and is the second-highest mountain of the far-western region in Nepal. You will be exploring the Kali Dhunga Glacier lake which is situated at an altitude of 4100 m. It is also one of the major attractions of the trek.

Trekking to Api Saipal Himal is remote, offbeat and unexplored. It is thus pristine and naturally unspoiled. You will explore the best natural beauty encompassing the Himalayan ranges, mountain lifestyle, glaciers and amazing flora and fauna in this region. The beautiful stark nature and its awe-inspiring offerings in this trek lure every people who indulge in it. The isolated villages in the western region of Nepal are equally wonderful as you will get to explore the astounding rural settlement and nature that is best cultivated by the villagers.

The Mount Api and Mount Saipal lie in the Humla district of Nepal. Adventurous and unexplored trekking to Api Saipal Himal is a beautiful experience in itself. You will be camping in some parts of the rural mountains which will provide you the authentic wilderness of nature. The Api Saipal Himal trek offers spectacular views of the mountain ranges which include Api Himal, Saipal himal, Mount Thad Dhunga Tuppa, Mount Rajamba, Mount Nandadevi along with other neighboring peaks.

The cultural diversity, greenery, glacier lakes, rivers and mountain passes are the astounding part of the trek. Trekking through the lush green forest, beautiful grazelands and wonderful Mountains is the best part of trekking in the western region of Nepal.

Some of the glaciers you can witness during the trek are Saipal Glacier, Nunekhara Glacier, etc. You can also explore the spectacular views of Mount Saipal (7031m), Mount Api (7132m), Mount Nandadevi (7817m), Phirankoph Chuli (6730m), Humla Danda, etc. A few vantage points along the trek offers the picturesque views of the mountain panorama.

The Api Saipal Himal Trek is a strenuous trek as it requires to cross some mountain passes, steep hills and involves ascending and descending trails. A mix of Hindu and Buddhist culture and traditions can be found in the villages. Nomad Raute Community also inhibits in the forest of Nepal.

Trekking to Api Saipal Himal starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Another flight from Nepalgunj will take you to Simikot and you will trek to Dharapuri. You will trek further to Kermi, Yalbang, Chala, Karang Khola, and Saipal Base Camp. You will explore the wonderful views from the Base Camp and the spectacular mountain panorama offers the best experience in Nepal.

The further trekking will take you to Karang Khola. Some of the villages such as Yalbang, Dharapuri, and Simikot offer the best cultural and natural experience in Nepal. A flight from Simikot will take you to Nepalgunj and the further flight will take you back to the Kathmandu valley.

The Api Saipal Himal Trek is the best trekking in the western region of Nepal. The excellent range of Himalayas, mountains, glaciers, lakes, and amazing culture and traditions offers a wonderful experience in Nepal. For trekking in this region, you need to obtain some permits and you need to have a good level of physical fitness. You can explore the astounding mountain panorama and a diverse range of cultures and traditions during the trek. If you want to explore the pristine and unexplored mountain region of Nepal, Api Saipal Himal Trek is one of the best treks in Nepal.

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