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Bangkok Chiang Mai Tour Package

Tour Highlights

  • An amazing Holiday Package.
  • Thailand Capital City: Bangkok. 
  • Explore Buddhist Temples with Great history: Bangkok.
  • Chao Phraya Cruise Dinner: Bangkok.
  • Discover Chiang Rai: Chiang Mai.
  • Chiang Mai city Tour.

Trip Overview

Imagine unwrapping a wonderful gift of adventure in Thailand with our Bangkok Chiang Mai Tour Package. Thailand, also known as the Land of Smiles, is the largest tourist destination, filled with culture, history, and adventure. From the bustling markets in the capital to ancient architectural temples, Thailand has a lot to offer. Thailand is a treasure trove of wonders waiting to be uncovered, where each day will be a new chapter of excitement and discovery. Get ready to be carried away on this enchanting 6 days journey through the Land of Smiles. In this tour, you will be visiting the 2 most famous destinations, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. 

Bangkok- City Of Angels 

The heart of Thailand, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. This vibrant city is a melting pot of culture, adventure, flavours, and experiences. From colourful markets to majestic temples, bustling nightlife, and river cruises, Bangkok is filled with new experiences. Get ready to explore this dynamic city and uncover all the hidden gems. Explore the ancient temples like the Golden Buddha and Marble Temple, cruise along the Chao Phraya River, and dive into some Thai street scenes. 

The Ancient temples 

Bangkok, a dazzling gem of Thailand, attracts visitors with its majestic temples like the Golden Buddha Temple and Marble Temple. You will get a chance to visit these famous temples in Bangkok on this tour. First, you will be visiting the Golden Buddha Temple, located in Chinatown, Bangkok. The main reason to visit the Golden Temple is to see the magnificent, world largest solid gold Buddha image, weighing 5.5 tonnes. This is a 4 story temple where you will find the impressive gold image of Buddha on the top floor. The 2nd floor is a Chinese heritage centre that tells the history of the Chinese community, and on the 3rd floor is the museum that reveals the history of the Golden Buddha itself. The next beautiful temple you will be visiting is Marble Temple, located in the Dusit district of Bangkok. It is a stunning architectural masterpiece in Bangkok. This temple is renowned for its marble and elegant design, blending Thai and European styles. For those seeking a peaceful atmosphere after being tired of the bustling city, this place is the perfect one, with a courtyard and lotus ponds adding beauty to the temple charm. 

While in Bangkok, you will have the opportunity to engage in the Chao Phraya Cruise, which is a magical nightlife experience in Bangkok and a great way to see the iconic Bangkok’s landmarks such as Wat Pho, Grand Palace, and much more at night, creating a magical ambience. Gliding along the river, passing by glittering temples and modern skyscrapers, with a delightful dinner and live music onboard. It is a memorable experience that combines sightseeing, dining, and relaxation all in one enchanting journey. 

Chiang Mai - Rose of the North

It is the largest city in northern Thailand, situated between the highest mountains in the north. Chiang Mai is the land of misty mountains and colourful hills with a delight in adventure. It is famous for its beautiful ancient temples, striking mountainous landscapes, and wonderful natural attractions. You will visit Chiang Rai, which is close to Chiang Mai. 

Chiang Rai - Land of the Mountains

It is a city in a mountainous region known for ancient royal temples, culture, and history. This place is known for its relaxed ambience and friendly atmosphere. Chiang Rai offers plenty of things to its visitors, from discovering ancient temples with stunning architecture, urban and nature parks, museums, unique cultural villages, art galleries, and many more. In this tour, you will be visiting the most famous and must see temples in Chiang Rai. 

Famous Temples in Chiang Rai 

  • White Temple: One of the famous tourist attractions in Chiang Rai is the stunning White Temple. This is a piece of architecture that you will never see before. The entrance looks like the gate to heaven, with all the white statues sparkling in the sunlight. The crystals that cover the roofs and walls of the structure shine in the sun, making it look like something out of a fairy tale. The crystals and white colour symbolise Buddha’s purity, wisdom, and teachings. 

  • Blue Temple: Located to the north of the Kok River and established at the beginning of 2000, the stunning blue temple is a must visit attraction after you visit the white temple, so don’t miss the twin blue temple. The main attraction in this temple is the Buddha Statue inside the great hall in a sitting position surrounded by contemporary Buddhist art in modern style. The blue colour symbolises the infinite, purity, and healing that are at the heart of Buddhism. The temple has lots of detail in gold, which really makes it stand out. 

  • Doi Suthep Temple: Located 15 km from the city, Chiang Mai is the holiest temple in northern Thailand, built in the 14th century. One of the sacred temples is a stunning destination, attracting tourists and pilgrims every day. It is a mountain temple with breathtaking views and a rich history. You have to climb 306 elegant steps to reach the top. The temple is a beautiful example of Thai architecture, featuring golden stupas and stunning designs. 

Major Attractions in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai offers many famous destinations to its visitors that are a must to visit. Each destination has its own uniqueness, history, and charm. Some of the destinations you will be visiting on this tour are as follows: 

Black Museum (Bam Dam Museum)

Black Museum, known as Bam Dam Museum and Black House Museum in Chiang Rai, Thailand, is the strangest landmark in Northern Thailand. This unique temple is designed and styled like an actual temple, with multiple buildings and structures, but this temple is more likely seen as a museum. This temple is a construction of darkness filled with death, while the whole building gives you a frightening aura. This temple is like a haunted house due to its dark coloured architecture; it also has sharp metal blades on the roof. There, you will find an impressive collection of skin, bones, teeth, and other animal remains. Even the temple has a black tiered roof with curved metal points jutting from the sides, making it look like an artful portrayal of hell. 

Karen Long Neck Village

Located on Tambon, Nang Lae is the famous village in Thailand where Karen people live. Karen people are a tribal group known for their elongated necks, forearms, and shins. Karen women usually have long necks because they are simply following the traditions. This village gives you the opportunity to experience the traditions, customs, and crafts of the Karen people. When the woman's age is 5 to 21st birthday, each year one ring is added at the end, and their neck looks so long that they are called the dragon ladies or simply long necks. 

Bhubing Palace 

Built in 1961, a beautiful royal residence in Chiang Rai is where the royal family stays during seasonal visits to the people in the northern part of Thailand. This royal temple gives you a glimpse into the royal lifestyle in Thailand. The palace's architecture and the well maintained gardens make it a must visit destination for those who are interested in Thai culture and history. This place is known for the roses, as there are 274 kinds of roses from around the world. 

You might feel fatigued after visiting all of the destinations in Chiang Rai. Don't worry, because you'll be able to unwind at Mae Kachan Hot Spring in Chiang Rai, which has a peaceful vibe. It's a natural hot spring that provides a pleasant and restful experience in stunning natural surroundings. It is popular with both visitors and residents who come to enjoy the warm, mineral-rich water, which is considered to have medicinal powers. 

The 6 Days Bangkok Chiang Mai Tour Package is specially made to explore the must visit sites in Thailand. From modern skyscrapers and ancient temples in Bangkok to journeys to the north in Chiang Mai, you will have unforgettable experiences. With its luxurious accommodations and personalised service, this tour gives you a memorable experience.

Detailed Itinerary

  • DAY 1

    Arrival in Bangkok.

    At (Your Arrival): Welcome to Thailand!! As you step off the plane at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, you will be greeted by our local representative, who will ensure your transfer to your hotel. Once you complete the check in procedures, relax, or you can explore the vibrant capital on your own. Take a leisurely stroll through markets, bustling streets, or nearby places. Later, head back to your accommodation and enjoy your overnight stay. 

    Meal: Not Included.

  • DAY 2

    Fly to Chiang Mai.

    At 07:30 AM: Day 2 of your Thailand exploration will start with a delicious breakfast served at your hotel, and you will prepare for your next adventure to enchanting Chiang Mai. Head to the airport as per your flight schedule. Upon arrival in Chiang Mai, you will be greeted by our representative, who will ensure your check in at your hotel. Finish the check-in procedures and relax. If you happen to arrive early, you can venture out to discover the hidden gem of Koh Samui. Later, enjoy your overnight stay at your hotel.

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

  • DAY 3

    Full Day at Chiang Rai.

    At 07:30 AM: Start off your day by having a fulfilling breakfast at your hotel. Today, you will be picked up from your hotel and proceed to Chiang Rai, a Thai city and province with ancient temples, museums, culture, and fascinating history. 

    Today, you will visit some of the most famous destinations in Chiang Rai. Start your tour at Mae Kachan Hot Springs, a place where you can truly feel the magic of nature. You can soak in the hot springs, explore the surrounding nature, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery. Following, you will visit the White Temple, a stunning and recognisable temple. This beautiful temple in white shines brilliant white in the sun. You can see various mythical creatures, god and goddess, in the design as you explore. You will find workshops and a museum of paintings as well. 

    After that, visit the Blue Temple, a Buddhist temple that is in a cerulean blue white contrast colour. There you will find different types of detailed statues and walls that are decorated with paintings of tales of Buddha’s history. You will see a 20 metre tall Buddha’s head hair relic statue and many attractive structures throughout the temple. Also, don't forget to try out the delicious, colourful coconut ice cream with butterfly pea juice. 

    The next stop will be the Black Museum, a strangest landmark in Thailand, which houses a collection of paintings, sculptures, silver and gold items, animal bones, and skin. You will also find themes from Buddhism like death and rebirth or the cycle of birth, ageing, and decay, as well as some unique dark buildings outdoors. Your last stop for today is Karen Long Neck Village, a village of tribal groups who have historically lived in hills on the Myanmar side of the Thai border. This village is famous for the women who wear brass rings around their necks, creating the appearance of long necks. This village is considered a market where the Karen people sell handicrafts like shawls, wooden souvenirs, keyrings, and many more. After a long day of exploration, head back to your accommodation and enjoy your overnight stay.

    Meal: Breakfast and Lunch Included.

  • DAY 4

    Half Day City Tour, Fly to Bangkok.

    At 07:30 AM: Have your hearty breakfast at your hotel. You will be picked up from your accommodation for a half day city tour. First, you will visit Doi Suthep Temple, a pilgrimage spot in Thailand. It is on the top of the Doi Suthep Mountains, giving you a stunning view of Chiang Mai. You will see golden pagodas, shrines, bell statues, and the holy Buddha relics. After that, head to Bhubing Palace, a royal seasonal residence. The buildings are not open to visitors, but you have access to rose gardens, a green house, and a short walk through the forest of native and introduced trees. 

    After visiting these places, head back to your accommodation and get ready for your flight to Bangkok. Upon arrival in Bangkok, our local representative will meet you and ensure your transfer to your hotel. Later, enjoy your overnight stay.

    Meal: Breakfast and Dinner Included.

  • DAY 5

    Bangkok Temple Tour, Cruise Dinner.

    At 07:30 AM: Wake up in the morning and have your fulfilling breakfast at your hotel. You will be picked up from your hotel, and you can start your day by visiting the famous temples in Bangkok. First, you will visit Wat Traimit, also known as the Temple of the Golden Buddha, home to the world’s largest solid gold Buddha statue. It is a three storey temple with a Chinatown heritage centre, a Golden Buddha exhibition, and a stunning Golden Buddha image. You can learn about Chinese immigrants in Bangkok and the history of the Golden Temple through artefacts. After that, you will visit the Marble Temple, a famous temple in Thailand known for its beautiful architecture. This temple is made of imported marble from Italy and is classified as the first royal class temple. You will find a peaceful courtyard with lotus ponds. The temple courtyard has statues of mythical creatures, adding to its charm, and inside the temple you will find the beautiful murals, a collection of Buddha images from various periods. After exploring the historical wonders of Bangkok, head back to your accommodation and have some rest, or you can visit the nearby places. 

    In the evening, you will be taken for the Chao Phraya Cruise Dinner, an amazing night experience where you will get a chance to see Bangkok's beautiful landmarks such as the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Rama Bridge VIII, Wat Pho, and many more, along with a delightful buffet dinner and live entertainment shows. After completing an amazing day, head back to your accommodations and enjoy your overnight stay.

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

  • DAY 6

    Departure, Fly Back to Kathmandu.

    At 07:30 AM: Have your last breakfast at your hotel as it's time to say goodbye to beautiful Thailand. If you have time, visit a nearby market to pick up some last minute souvenirs and gifts for loved ones. You will be picked up from your hotel and head to the airport for your flight back home with wonderful memories of your time in Thailand.

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

Cost Inclusion

  • Thailand Tourist Visa Cost
  • Airport Pick up and drop off on a private basis. 
  • Meals as mentioned.
  • All tours and transfers on SIC basis. 
  • All 5 nights accommodation on double/triple sharing basis. 
  • All applicable taxes. 
  • Tours as specified in the itinerary. 

Cost Exclusion

  • International and Domestic Flight tickets.
  • Expenses arise because of early check-in or late checkout. 
  • Services that aren’t mentioned above.
  • Meals not mentioned.
  • Nature of personal expenses.

Starting Price: NPR 65,000 per person


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