Special interest tours in Nepal

As the name suggests, an individual's niche interest to explore the nature, culture and wildlife are the major part of special interest tours. Nepal is a beautiful nation that comprises of the ultimate adventure you are seeking, and the piqued experience in the hardcore destinations that are pristine and naturally beautiful. Special Interest Tours in Nepal are for the people who want to explore the true essence of a place which discovering the beauty through different arenas. The eco-friendly tours, wildlife tours, photography tours, cultural tours, Agro tours, village tours, voluntourism, and many other forms of tours can be organized according to the interest of the travellers. 

Special Interest Tours in Nepal are best designed for offbeat and elite tour enthusiasts who want to explore the core of the Nepalese offerings by indulging themselves into it. These tours mainly focus on the special interest of the travellers such as filming and photography, birdwatching, adventure, and a particular interest that defines the entire travel process. The wildlife exploration, visiting rural places, understanding culture, talking to locals, volunteering to contribute the particular society while understanding their needs and living etc. are the major things we are willing to provide in these tours. Tourists have to tell us their necessity so that we can plan the tour including the best options available according to the interest. 

Special Interest tours cater to the needs and interest of the individual and satisfy the needs with the best places and amenities involved while directing towards the destination of choice. 

Special interest tours take you to the places of your interest to fulfil your specific concern while providing the desired subject. We operate photography tours, birdwatching tours, wildlife tours, village tours, eco-based tours, and many more. The niche concern is to provide ultimate satisfaction to our guests and cater to the need of them in Nepal. These tours are mainly focused on the people who are fond of visiting places with a, particularly developed interest. 

Special Interest Tours in Nepal 

We operate some tours which facilitate tourists to fulfil their specific interest. The activities may include society based tours, clubbing, single trips, adventure tours, photography tours, trekking and expeditions, relaxation tours, Yoga and meditation tours, research tours, volunteering tours, bird watching tours, wildlife tours, cultural tours, city tours, mountain tours, ethnic villages tours, honey hunting tours, festival tours, and many more. We’ll operate the tours as per your interest in Nepal. All you have to do is to tell us your interest and we’ll tailor it to be the best possible one.  

Best time for Special Interest Tours 

Nepal is best suitable to visit all year-round. There are so many things you can do in the multiple seasons it observes. So, visiting Nepal depends on the time and activity you want to do in Nepal. Tell us your demand and we’ll arrange your tours as per your interest. 


Nepal Adventure Tour Package

USD 730

Nepal Photography Tour Package

10 Nights | 11 Days
USD 780

Nepal Cultural Heritage Tour

USD 430

Nepal Wildlife Tour Package

USD 995

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