Pilgrimage tours in nepal

Nepal boasts many pilgrimage sites of greatest religious importance. The Hindu and Buddhist religious relics and sites are popular pilgrimages in Nepal. The Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, Lumbini, Swayambhunath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa, Muktinath Temple etc. are some of the major pilgrimage destinations. Explore spirituality and religious merits while discovering the life of priests, monks, Sadhus and Saints in the pilgrimage places in Nepal. Many devotees from all over the world come to visit Nepal to discover the pilgrimage attractions and spirituality in the temples and monuments. 

Nepal is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindu and Buddhists, especially from the South Asian subcontinent. It has been a premier pilgrimage destination since centuries before. In Hindu religious epics, Nepal is highly revered for the Shakti Peethas and many other monuments which carries a huge religious significance. Kathmandu is known as the city of temples. It is said that in every one kilometre of circumference there is at least one temple in Kathmandu valley. Which also developed Kathmandu as the city of devotees. The Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu is a highly revered temple for Hindu followers worldwide. Also, the Muktinath temple in Jomsom, Mustang is equally popular and has huge religious significance. 

Our Pilgrimage tours take you to the specified places which comprise of religious values and are revered. We can also customize your plan as per your choice to make your travel experience more smooth and convenient. Some of the religious sites in Nepal are enlisted in the UNESCO’s world heritage sites as the place of huge religious significance. 

Experience Nepal while fulfilling your pilgrimage needs in the spiritual ambience, contemplating the beauty and catching glimpses for the endless satisfaction of mind and soul. 

Nepal is a destination that has a huge potential to bring back the peace of mind and spirituality in the supreme pilgrimage destinations. Indulge in pilgrimages to understand the living existence and spiritual purity and get some insights on the place you visit with the organized pilgrimage tour in Nepal with us. 

Pilgrimage Destinations in Nepal 

Some of the pilgrimage tourist destinations in Nepal include the glorious Pashupatinath and Muktinath. Also, the wonderful Durbar of Janak and Sita’s maternal home, Janaki Temple. The Lumbini, which is highly valued by Buddhist as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha in Nepal. The Swayambhunath temple, Boudhanath temple, many monasteries and many more. The Guhyeswari temple, Sesh Narayan temple is also popular for the huge religious values. Gosaikunda, Damodar Kunda and many Kundas are popular for the spiritual potential in Nepal. 

Best time to visit Nepal for Pilgrimage tour

For pilgrimages, Nepal is a year-round ideal destination. Especially the festivals and Jatra times are popular for Nepal visit. However, for daily rituals and celebrations, You can visit Nepal the time you want. There is always the greatest possibility to explore the pilgrimage beauty that this holy land has to offer. 


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