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Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan nation, lying between the southern slopes of Himalayan mountain ranges. Nestled between the two gigantic superpowers, China and India, Nepal is a wonderful destination that offers the wonderful Himalayas, culture and nature. The trio of culture, nature and adventure shaped Nepal as the world’s finest destination. The unique blend of geographical variations and cultural diversity is the prior identity of Nepal. Nepal’s immense attributes and amazing offerings made Nepal a bucket list choice of every traveller. 

This beautiful Himalayan nation is home to some of the endangered wildlife, flora and fauna, mountains and diverse ethnicity. Nepal comprises of the world’s finest adventure destinations including the world’s top- Mount Everest. Out of 14 mountains above eight thousand metres, 8 mountains lies in Nepal. That’s why Nepal is renowned for its Himalayan beauty. The Annapurna, Machhapuchre, Everest, Makalu, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga etc. are some of the popular mountains. Further, the trekking and mountaineering activities are synonymous to Nepal. 

Nepal is also popular for pilgrimage activities. It is popular for the temples, monasteries and Shakti Peethas as recited in the Hindu holy epics. Nepal also boasts 10 UNESCO’s world heritage sites out of which seven lies within Kathmandu valley. The places of huge cultural and historical significance are heritage sites. 

Moreover, Nepal is the ultimate destination for mountain lovers. The high Himalayas and mountains make an amazing experience. The rush and rugged mountain trails, greenery, flora and fauna, culture and lifestyle you get to explore along is the best part of Nepal. The medieval cities and sacred religious sites depict the wonderful blend of nature and culture that Nepal has. The centuries-old stupas and monasteries, the peace and meditation, yoga with Himalayan views are the best possibilities that Nepal offers. 

In the countryside of Nepal, there lies a different Nepal, where you will have a different perspective about Nepal after exploring the rush and hustle of the busy city. Furthermore, there lies the freedom you are seeking, adventure you want and privilege you expect. The mountain life in the higher elevations is something that will teach you about life. It’s an amazing experience for an elite trekker, an aspiring mountaineer and desperate peace seeker. 

The southern part of Nepal offers different experiences. Lowlands of Nepal comprises of National parks where you can explore the wonderful wildlife. Also, the subtropical climate in the mid-lower lands boasts exotic bird species, butterflies, elephants, rhinos and crocodiles. For jungle Adventure, Nepal is a popular destination. Go into Jungle safari, or watch the elephants taking bath, everything here is worth lifetime experiences. 



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