luxury tours in Nepal

The ultimate luxury comes with the joy of visiting naturally beautiful places, so does the offerings of Nepal are. Luxury comes with an effort to make the experience better and besides provokes the very need for the viability of the services. Nepal is a wonderful destination for luxury travellers as Nepal boasts some of the amazing destinations that have all the luxuries you need. Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan are best places for luxury tours in Nepal. In addition, you can explore the diverse beauty of these places. Kathmandu's culture, Pokhara's adventure and nature and Chitwan's exotic wildlife make your tour a memorable and lucrative one with the high-end luxury that Nepal is equipped with.  

Nepal is a premier destination for luxury tours. The wonderful places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini etc. offers the finest luxurious experiences while experiencing the beautiful cultural artefacts and natural beauty. The diverse beauty of Nepal attracts a lot of tourists. The supreme luxury for the people who wants to explore Nepal with deluxe amenities and services is available in Nepal. We have introduced luxury tours for the high end and business travellers who are visiting Nepal for the identified purpose. The tour mainly focuses on the amenities and facilitates tourists with the finest experience in Nepal. 

Discover fascinating Nepal with the best organized luxurious tour and explore the beauty that Nepal has. 

The comfort and relaxation are the key elements of luxury tours. In the major tourist cities of Nepal, the supreme luxury is possible. However, in the mountains, the luxury comes with some limitations. In certain cases, we provide the best possible options according to the physical settlement of a destination or activities. The luxury tours mainly hover around the supreme amenities, services, high starred accommodations, and accessibilities. We organize luxury tours to facilitate our guests with the finest experience without any stress in Nepal. Be it for a business purpose, or a fam trip, we’ve every available option. In the delivery of seamless and personalized services, we are highly concerned. This ranked us as one of the best travel company in Nepal. 

Luxury tours in Nepal 

Explore the wildlife in Chitwan with fine dining and highly personalized jungle safari. You can visit Pokhara for the best lake and mountain views. The Mountain flight to Everest will take you to the highest peak in the world. And you can even have breakfast at Everest with chartered helicopter services. And every possible luxury to maintain the theme of Luxurious tour will be provided in Nepal. 

Best time to visit Nepal 

You can visit Nepal at any time you want. However, in monsoon, the experience will be affected by the climate which is obviously beyond our limitations. So, you can visit Nepal anytime except monsoon. The best months to visit Nepal are Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec. These months are best to visit Nepal. Basically, visiting Nepal for luxurious tours depends upon the purpose you have. 



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