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Bali Honeymoon Tour Package from Nepal

Bali Honeymoon Tour Highlights

  • A private and customised trip. 
  • Relaxing couple's spa session.
  • Exploration of Uluwatu Temple. 
  • Kintamani Volcano Tour.
  • Thrilling water sports at Tanjung Benoa Beach.
  • Famous Gates of Heaven. 
  • Nusa Penida Island adventure.

Bali Honeymoon Tour Overview

Discover the enchanting beauty of Bali on this 7-day luxury honeymoon tour package designed to provide the perfect blend of romance, adventure, and cultural experiences. From luxurious private villas and resorts to intimate candlelit dinners, your stay will be filled with unforgettable moments to celebrate your love. Explore the island's captivating landscapes, indulge in thrilling water sports, and soak in the rich Balinese culture as you begin on this incredible journey.

Begin your romantic journey through Bali’s culture and nature wonders with the Kintamani Volcano Tour, made for honeymooners seeking adventure and enjoyment. The main attraction of this tour is the epic Mount Batur Volcano. Explore Mount Batur View Point, located in the Kintamani region of Bali, offering panoramic views of Mount Batur Volcano, beautiful Lake Batur, and its surrounding landscapes. Along Mount Batur View Point, you get a chance to visit the coffee plantations to learn about the cultivation and processing of coffee beans. You can see coffee plants growing in their natural environment and learn about the traditional methods of coffee plantations. 

Some Famous Bali Villages

Batubulan Village: It is a traditional Balinese village located in Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia. It is recognized as an art village, famous for stone carved statues and Barong Dance performances. It has been a hub for stone carvers and skilled artisans for centuries. You can find traditional stone carvings, sculptures, and Balinese handicrafts, which are highly admired and demanded by foreign and domestic tourists. 

Mas Village: Mas Village is famous for its woodcarvers, who create sculptures, masks, furniture, and decorative items from various types of wood. This village is home to a community of skilled artisans who have been practising wood carving for generations. 

Tegalalang Village: It is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning terraced rice fields. The terraced rice fields of Tegalalang are incredibly beautiful. You can capture stunning photographs of the natural beauty of the lush green fields. Tegalalang Village provides an opportunity to experience traditional Balinese agricultural practices. You can observe local farmers working in the rice paddies, cultivating the land using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

Ubud Handicraft Village: It is renowned for its vibrant art and crafts that you can shop for souvenirs. This village offers Bali’s rich artistic traditions and opportunities to purchase unique handmade items directly from local artisans.

Adventure Activities in Bali

Tanjung Benoa Beach Activity

Bali is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, with Tanjung Benoa Beach being a popular spot for water sport activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, snorkelling, and scuba diving. It is a perfect spot for couples seeking relaxation and adventure. Enjoy the Banana boat ride, a popular recreational activity that gives you thrilling and enjoyable experiences. On the banana boat ride, you will ride on an inflatable boat that is in the shape of a banana. The boat is tied to a speed boat and dragged around on the water surface.

Ubud Adventure Activity

Bali Swing in Ubud is one of the adventure activities that has become increasingly popular among  tourists, offering you a thrilling experience swinging over lush tropical forests and stunning landscapes. The swings are typically positioned in scenic locations, offering breathtaking views of valleys, rice paddies, tropical vegetation, and sometimes even distant mountains.

Indulge in a journey of relaxation with Aromatherapy Spa treatment designed specially for honeymooners in Bali. The skilled therapists pamper you with personalised treatments along with soothing music and fragrant aromas that create an ambiance of total relaxation.

Famous Temples in Bali

Visit a symbol of ancient spirituality, Uluwatu Temple, located on the southeastern side of Bali and renowned for its majestic location on a steep cliff, offering culture, panoramic views, and unforgettable experiences. This temple is dedicated to the sea god.

Explore one of the highest temples in Bali, Lempuyang Temple, a Hindu temple standing among the lush hills of Karangasem. Lempuyang Temple is also known as the Gates of Heaven due to its perfectly framed, impressive white gates. The unique aspect of the Lempuyang Temple's gates is that they perfectly frame the majestic Mount Agung, the highest peak in Bali, when viewed from certain angles.

Nusa Penida Island

Explore the stunning island of Bali, Nusa Penida, a hidden gem just off the coast of Bali, for an unforgettable honeymoon adventure with beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, and vibrant marine life. Discover some of the famous beaches on Nusa Penida Island, such as Angel Billabong, Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach, and Crystal Bay

Angel Billabong: Escape the crowd and discover the beautiful beach; it is a natural infinity pool; dip your toes into the cool waters and swim together in a calm pool; or simply float when the tide is low. Relax on the smooth rock formations surrounding the pool, soak up the warm sun, and see the mesmerizingly clear crystal waters. 

Broken Beach: It is located on the west coast of Nusa Penida and is a natural wonder that provides you with a breathtaking view. This beach has a unique geological formation and is characterised by a natural archway. 

Kelingking Beach: It is often referred to as T-Rex Bay due to its striking cliff formation resembling a Tyrannosaurus rex. This beach offers breathtaking panoramic views of white sands and crystal clear waters.

Crystal Bay: It is the famous beach on Nusa Penida Island. You get a cool and beautiful atmosphere with many coconut trees. It is a paradise for sunbathing, watching the sunset, swimming, and doing water sports activities. 

This 7 Days Bali Honeymoon Tour package from Nepal offers romance, adventure, and cultural exploration, providing couples with unforgettable moments to celebrate their love. This package offers unforgettable experiences, providing couples with the perfect start to their new life together. This honeymoon package is a private and customizable trip from Nepal. We ensure that this package meets your desires. Whether you seek romantic beachside dinners, thrilling adventures, or cultural immersion, our team is dedicated to creating a personalised itinerary that reflects your dreams. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Detailed Itinerary

  • DAY 1

    Arrival in Bali


    At (Arrival time): Welcome to Indonesia! Upon your arrival at I Gusti Ngurah International Airport, our local representative will warmly greet you and assist you with your transfers to your hotel. Once you have completed the check-in process, have some rest. If you happen to arrive early, you have the option to explore the nearby attractions. Later, head back to your hotel and enjoy your overnight stay.

    Meal: Not Included.

  • DAY 2

    Kintamani Volcano Tour.

    At 07:30 AM: Start your day with breakfast at the hotel before beginning a tour to  Mount Batur View Point, a popular destination in Bali offering stunning panoramic views of the majestic Mount Batur Volcano, calm Lake Batur, and lush greenery spread across the landscape, as well as Mt. Agung, an active volcano further north. Then explore Batubulan Village to see traditional handmade batik painting (batik is the traditional form of painting fabrics) and stone carvings. There are skilled artisans who create stunning stone carvings and sculptures, as well as workshops and galleries where local craftsmen demonstrate their talent and display their works of art. 

    Next, visit Mas Village for expertly crafted wood carvings and learn about the traditional technique that is passed on through generations. You get to see various shapes and figures of wooden carvings in this village, offering the opportunity to experience the woodcarving process by visiting workshops and observing artisans at work. Proceed to the highland to see coffee plantations, to see the production and growth of coffee, including the famous Luwak Coffee, and to taste some of the Indonesian coffee on site. Then enjoy Indonesian lunch at a local restaurant before visiting Tegalalang Village for a stunning Rice Terrace view. You can see the beautiful scenes of rice paddies as you stroll through the terrace rice fields and along the narrow pathways. End your day at Ubud Handicraft Village, where skilled artists showcase a diverse range of artforms, including gold and silver jewellery, wood carving, paintings, textiles, and ceramics. You may spend your time shopping for any kind of Balinese handicraft product good for souvenirs or for collection. 

    After a long day of exploring, head back to your hotel for a romantic candlelight dinner by the sea. The ambience of the beach, the soft light of candles, and the sound of waves will make for an unforgettable evening. After an amazing dinner, enjoy your overnight stay. 

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included.

  • DAY 3

    Tanjung Benoa Beach, Uluwatu Temple.

    At 07:30 AM: Today is dedicated to creating unforgettable memories of Bali’s charm. Have your fulfilling breakfast at your hotel and get ready to have fun at Tanjung Benoa Beach, a beautiful place for water sports activities. It has soft sand and clear water, making it the perfect spot for relaxation with your loved ones. You will get one Banana Boat Ride, where you will board an inflatable banana shaped boat along with other passengers. The boat will be pulled by a speed boat at high speed, creating a thrilling and bumpy ride. 

    (Optional water Sports can be taken on the spot on personal account, such as parasailing, jet skiing, flying fish, snorkelling, sea walking, diving, etc) 

    Afterwards, you will have an Indian lunch in an Indian restaurant. Following lunch, you will visit Uluwatu Temple, a Hindu temple located on the top of a cliff that gives you a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. You can see several monkeys around the temple, as it is home to a population of long tailed macaque monkeys (a species known for its playful nature). You can explore several shrines dedicated to Hindu deities, and it is a popular destination to watch stunning sunset views along with traditional Kecak dance performances (the dance performances showcase a scene from the epic Ramayan). After visiting the sights, head back to your hotel and enjoy your stay.

    Meal: Breakfast and Lunch Included.

  • DAY 4

    Aromatherapy Spa Day.

    At 08:00 AM: Today, spend your day in a relaxed way. Start your day by having a delightful breakfast at your hotel. After having breakfast, your morning is free. You can rest at the hotel, or you can choose to visit the nearby places. At noon, you will be picked up and proceed to an Indian restaurant to have an Indian food set lunch. After lunch, head to the Aromatherapy Spa Treatment. Your spa experience begins with a soothing foot bath, followed by a body massage and a gentle moisturising rub to nourish your skin. Continue with a flower bath, and end with a refreshing spa ginger drink. The whole treatment session lasts for about 2 hours. After a relaxing day, head back to your accommodations and enjoy your overnight stay.

    Meal: Breakfast and Lunch Included.

  • DAY 5

    Lempuyang Temple, Bali Swing.

    At 07:00 AM: Have your breakfast at your accommodation and get ready to explore the famous Lempuyang Temple, renowned as the Gates of Heaven. It is the six holiest place in Bali. You can see the stunning gates known as Candy Bentar at the entrance of Lempuyang Temple, famous for framing the view of Mount Agung in the distance. You can see several small temples considered sacred by the Balinese people that are used for worship and ceremonies. 

    After that, head for the famous Bali swing in Ubud. You can get stunning views of lush tropical forests, offering breathtaking panoramic views of surrounding landscapes, including rice terraces. There, you get to see different types of swings, depending on your preferences and comfort levels. Capture some stunning photographs and enjoy the swing to the fullest. After that, head back to your hotel and enjoy your overnight stay. 

    Meal: Breakfast and Lunch Included.

  • DAY 6

    Nusa Penida Island Trip.

    At 06:30 AM: Begin an unforgettable adventure on Nusa Penida Island with a series of beach explorations. Get ready to proceed to Sanur Beach to catch a fast boat that departs for Nusa Penida Island (packaged breakfast). Upon arrival at Nusa Penida Island, visit Angel Billabong and Broken Beach to see breathtaking landscapes and unique rock formations. Angel Billabong is a magical spot to visit on Nusa Penida Island. You can see the clear crystal water with marine life. It has unique rock formations and is a natural infinity pool that overlooks the vast Indian Ocean. You get a chance to swim while the tide is low. Bask in the sun on the flat rocks, enjoying the panoramic views of the ocean. A short mile away lies Broken Beach, renowned for its geological features, including a natural archway. Walk around the edge of the cliff with your partner, taking in the panoramic views of the ocean. Capture romantic photos together against the backdrop of the dramatic Broken Beach landscape, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Afterwards, drive to a local restaurant for an Indonesian lunch

    Next visit Kelingking Beach Secret Point is a famous spot providing a panoramic view of Kelingking Beach, which is the iconic T-Rex shaped cliff. If you gaze off at the stone cliff, it will look like a dinosaur chilling by the beach. You can see lush green hillsides and the vast Indian Ocean. Hike down to Kelingking Beach, take your time to enjoy the stunning views along the way, and capture some memorable photos together. After taking some awesome photographs, your next stop is Crystal Bay Beach, renowned for pristine sand and clear crystal water. It offers an idyllic setting for honeymooners to enjoy the beauty of nature. Soak up in the sun, relishing the breathtaking sunset views. You can take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters of the bay, the calm sea here makes it ideal for leisurely swims with your loved ones. 

    Optional: You can do some of the activities, such as snorkelling, boat tours, or massages on the beach. 

    After a day full of exploring beaches, return to Buyuk Penida Pier to board your fast boat to journey back to Bali. Upon reaching Sanur Beach, head back to your accommodation and enjoy your overnight stay. 

    Note: Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit.

    Meal: Breakfast and Lunch Included.

  • DAY 7

    Departure, Fly Back to Kathmandu.


    At 07:30 AM: Say goodbye to beautiful Indonesia! Have a fulfilling breakfast at your hotel and get ready to head to the airport as per your flight schedule for your journey back home with fond memories of your stay. Safe travels; carry with you the unforgettable moments and experiences of Indonesia. 

    Note: Reach the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight time.

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

Cost Inclusion

  • Indonesia E-Visa. 
  • All 6 nights hotel accommodations in a private villa with a private pool.
  • Meals as mentioned. 
  • One ride Banana boat ride. 
  • Aromatherapy Spa Treatment.
  • An English-speaking tour guide throughout the trip.
  • Entrance fees for sightseeing.
  • Transfers from a fast boat.
  • Mineral Water on tours 2 bottles per person per day.
  • Tours as specified in the itinerary.
  • All applicable taxes.

Cost Exclusion

  • Personal expenses such as room services, phone calls and optional tours.
  • Expenses arise because of early check-in or late checkout. 
  • Meals which is not included in the itinerary.
  • International flight tickets.
  • Services that aren't mentioned in the itinerary.


  • What are the nightlife options available in Bali for honeymooners?

    Bali offers a vibrant nightlife scene, with beach clubs and bars offering spectacular ocean views, lively music, and a party atmosphere. For honeymooners looking for romantic and intimate evening activities, bali offers several activities, such as sunset view rom a scenic spot on the island's west coast, such as Crystal Bay or Kelingking Beach, indulge in spa treatments and wellness activities.

  • Do Balinese people speak English?

    Yes, Balinese people speak English. So, there will be no communication barrier and you can easily communicate with each other.

  • What is Bali famous for?

    Bali is famous for its amazing beaches, iconic temples, and its breathtaking views. You can enjoy all the beach, temples, and island tour in your bali tour. The Honeymoon package mostly covers the beaches, and major sights of the Bali.

  • What is the best time to visit Bali for your honeymoon?

    The ultimate time to travel to Bali for honeymooners is from April to October, during the dry season. This is the time of year with the least rainfall and humidity. While travelling during the rainy season from November to January, expect some bouts of showers, including occasional heavy rain and thunderstorms.

  • Is Bali a safe country to travel to?

    Bali is a safe country to travel to. There is no dangers or risks on traveling to Bali but as every country has its own rules and regulations you need to follow certain regional rules.

  • Do Nepalese need a visa to travel to Bali?

    Nepalese need an e-visa to travel to Bali. It may take minimum 10 to 12 days for the visa procedure. So, if you are making up your mind to visit Bali, you need to apply the visa priorly.

Starting Price: 1,10,000 per person


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