expedition in nepal

Mountain expeditions are the hardcore adventure that takes you to the top of the Himalayas while giving you the ultimate thrill that you want to experience. Nepal is a popular country for mountain expeditions. A challenging and rewarding trip to the Himalayas gives the ultimate core adventure and it is demanding and riskier at the same time. Good physical fitness is necessary to reach to the top of the mountains as it requires extensive climbing skills to mark the top with a victory and the ultimate satisfaction of adventure. 

The Mountain expeditions in Nepal are developed ever since the mountaineers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did the first expedition in 1953 to the summit of Everest. The adventure then turned the idea of an expedition into a life-changing achievement that has so much of thrill and excitement while it has equal possibilities of life. 

Mountaineering in Nepal is popular worldwide as Nepal boasts the world’s highest peaks including the Mount Everest. Out of 14 eight-thousanders, Nepal is home to 8 mountains above eight thousand meters and there are more than fifty explored and the unexplored Himalayas with many of them opened to climb. Peak climbing is another mountaineering part in which you get to climb the peaks that are comparatively easier and lies in the less altitude than the Himalayas.    

We organize the expedition activities based on the requirements and the accessibility of a particular mountain in time. We also provide the sherpas and other mountaineering gears based on the Himalaya you want to summit. Also, some mountaineering training and instructions sessions will be provided with the special provision and as part of the government interest. 


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