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Trekking in Nepal is world-renowned for its wonderful Himalayan adventure. The beautiful lush green forests, valleys, high mountain passes and wonderful Himalayan conundrum with a unique blend of the culture and hospitality of local people is the best part about trekking in the mountains of Nepal. Surfing into the mountains while exploring the spectacular Himalayas and interaction with the locals makes a unique experience. Our concept about the combined treks is to offer a combinations of two or more treks for challange loving trekkers. People could enjoy two or multiple trek experience in a single trip. The trek routes could be within the same region or joint region. 

The best part about trekking in Nepal is you can get the desired destinations in Nepal as Nepal has some commercial trekking routes and many unexplored and off the beaten path trails. The combined trek in Nepal offers you diverse experiences with a mix of floral and faunal spectrums and geographical variations. Combined treks are best suitable for elite trekkers who are interested to explore a particular trekking region and want to blend it with another for the broaden lifetime experiences in Nepal. 

Explore the mountains with an unparalleled sense of natural touch while trekking in the diverse regions of Nepal. 

Nepal is a popular destination for trekking and adventure activities. It has the world’s highest mountains and the Himalayas including Mount Everest. Out of the fourteen eight-thousanders, Nepal is home to eight highest mountains above 8000 m. The trekking experience is not only fascinating in the mountains of Nepal but also gives life-changing perspectives. 

The best part about exploring the Himalayas is you can have diverse experiences while trekking in Nepal. For the mountain lovers and trekking enthusiasts, our combined treks are best suitable as it extends your experience to some other region as well. In each and every corner of Nepal, you can find beauty, a love for the mountains and the life that is yet to be explored. 

Ever been in the Himalayas? If yes, there are way more things to explore in Nepal. And if not, don’t you want to experience the life-changing moments in the Himalayas where saints won the victory and great mountaineers marked the history? Truly, Nepal is a paradise on earth that has everything you want to see. From the arid valleys of Mustang to the lush greenery of Khaptad and the top of the world- Mount Everest, everything is here in Nepal. 

Explore Nepal with our combined treks, specially designed to give you the best experience with a mix of diverse beauty that Nepal has to offer. 


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