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Cambodia Tour Package

Highlights of Cambodia Tour Package

  • An amazing holiday tour.
  • Experiencing Temple Tour in Siem Reap.
  • Amazing Angkorian Temple Tour with historical backgrounds.
  • Exploring the Royal places and amazing arts of the Capital City: Phenom Phen.
  • Explore River of Thousand Lingas in Kbal Spean. 

Cambodia Tour Package Overview

This is our best package of Combodia where you get a chance to explore the breathtaking places of Cambodia. Our 6 Nights 7 days tour package is about to explore the major sightseeing and visiting places in Cambodia. This is a private tour package and people are allowed to customize their packages as per their own preferences, also can upgrade their hotel as per their needs and budget. We always try our best to provide quality service for our customers. If you have any doubts regarding itinerary or tour packages don’t forget to contact us or write us an email. We will be glad to assist our Client. 

Located in southeast Asia, Cambodia is full of natural beauty and also the best known as the home of the temple complex of Angkor Wat. Angkor wat is a famous Hindu temple and a national symbol of Cambodia. This Hindu temple has a great historical and religious value which helps to attract the tourist from all over the world. Besides Angkor temple, it has many places that have an incredible impact with its amazing beauty such as its temples, stupa, historical sites, Pristine beaches, natural wonders, delightful cities, and unique culture which pleases the visitors. Its capital is a phenom Penh which is home to art, Royal places, National museums, etc, others some attractions are, Spem Reap, Angkor Temple, Phnom Penh, Kbal Spean and so on. Not only places it has a unique set of culture and tradition which has great influence and people from all over attracted.

Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap province in northwestern Cambodia. It is known as the famous resort town and a gateway to Angkor Temple which is a famous Hindu Temple with great importance. Siem Reap has a lot to offer for visitors which has hundreds of sightseeing opportunities with well preserved colonial buildings, museums, cultural performance, and traditional markets. Some of the places that you will go through in Siem Reap are the Royal city of Angkor Thom, Preah Pithu Temples, Bayon Temple, Angkor Wat so on.

Kbal Spean is the archaeological site in Siem Reap District, Cambodia. There are a series of rock carving in the sandstone of the river bed, so it is called River of a Thousand Lingas as there are series of stone caving in the river bed of Yonis and Lingas. This is as a tribute to the Hindu God, Shiva. The lingas are visible after the rainy season after the decrease in water level. Some of the places that you will explore in this packages are River of Thousand Lingas, Temple of Banteay Srei, Landmine Museum, Butterfly garden Restaurant, etc.

Angkor Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to the god Vishnu in Siem Reap. It is the largest religious monument in the world with an area of 162.6 hectares. It is considered as seven wonders of the world and also a national symbol of Cambodia. Some attractions are Pre Rup, Neak Pean, Preah Khan, Ta Phrom Temple, Silk farm Puok, Western Baray, etc. 

Phnom Phen is the capital of Cambodia and also an economic, industrial and cultural centre. Some attractions are the Royal Palace, National Museum, Silver Pagoda, etc. Enjoy its unique culture and traditions with a friendly environment.

This is a private tour package, we do customized holidays for your specific needs. Contact us and let us know your interest and doubts so that we can customize a holiday package as per your need to make it an amazing international tour.

Detailed Itinerary

  • DAY 1

    Arrival at Siem Reap.

    At ( Arrival Time): You will arrive at Krong Siem Reap Airport, Cambodia and warmly welcome by our representative and transfer to the listed Hotel for overnight stay. Tonight at Siem Reap.

    Meal: Not Included

  • DAY 2

    Seam Reap Sightseeing.

    At 07:00 AM: Have your breakfast at the hotel, then proceed for your Angkor tour. First, visit the Royal city of Angkor Thom lies at the south gate with its well-restored statue of asuras(demon) and gods lining the bridge and the Preah Pithu Temples, also explore the famous Bayon Temples which is on the way.

    Have your lunch and start to explore Angkor Wat which is one of the world’s largest religious monuments. After having a beautiful day back to the hotel for overnight stay. Tonight at Siem Reap. 

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

  • DAY 3

    Kbal Spean Sightseeing.

    At 07:00 AM: Have your breakfast at the Hotel and proceed for the Kbal Spean drive which takes 50km of the northeast from Siem Reap. You have to walk in the forest for 30 min, then you get to explore the River of Thousand Lingas. There you get to see the gallery of gods which are made from rock cravings. 

    While returning, stop at the temple of Banteay Srei which is the temple of  Hindu god Shiva and also famous for beautiful pinkish sandstone. On the way, also visit the landmine museum and the butterfly garden restaurant. After exploring the places return back to the hotel for overnight stay. Tonight at Siem Reap. 

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

  • DAY 4

    Angkor Temple Tour.

    After a delicious breakfast at 07:00 Am in the Hotel, get ready for your tour to explore the beautiful Pre Rup, Neak Pean, and Preah Khan. Then visit Ta Phrom Temple known as lost in the jungle temple. Take a break for a Lunch and in the afternoon, headed to explore the silk farm of Puok and also enjoy the amazing view of western Baray.

    After finishing these amazing places get back to the hotel for overnight stay. Tonight at Siem Reap. 

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

  • DAY 5

    Phnom Penh Sightseeing.

    At 07:00 Am: Have your breakfast at the hotel and get ready for 5-6 hours of drive to Phnom Penh from Siem Reap. Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia. Enjoy the journey and the places on the way to Phnom Penh. After reaching their check-in to the hotel and rest is your leisure time. Tonight at Phnom Penh. 

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

  • DAY 6

    Phnom Penh City Tour.

    At 08:00 AM: Have your breakfast at the hotel and proceed for your city tour, explore the Royal Palace which is the residence of the king, lies on the site of the former citadel. Then visit the National Museum which is near the Royal Palace, also a large collection of art. Also, explore the silver pagoda located on the south side of the Royal Palace. Return back to the hotel for overnight stay. Tonight at Phnom Penh. 

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

  • DAY 7


    Have your breakfast ta the hotel at 08:00 Am, Get ready to transfer the airport as per the flight schedule. Fly back to your home town full of sweet memories. 

    Meal: Breakfast Included.

Starting Price: NPR 80,000 per person


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