Motorbike Tour in Nepal

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Motorbike tour in nepal

With the growing interest of travellers to pursue motorbike tour in Nepal, we provide motorcycle tours to the multiple destinations of Nepal. The significant growth in the different types of motor biking facilities, it is now easier than ever to undergo the Motorcycle tour in Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful symbiosis of nature, culture, heritage and adventure. The rough and rugged terrains in the mountainous region of Nepal is fascinating to the adventure lovers in Nepal. The added advantage of motorbike adventure while exploring the mind-blowing beauty of mountains in Nepal is very interesting and of course, provides the best experience. The motorbike lovers have their own craze to pursue riding in the Himalayan terrains. This is an emerging adventure in Nepal while the development in the mountainous region entertains Motor biking in Nepal.

We, Holidays to Nepal, organize motorbike tours in Nepal for the interested travellers with multiple biking options to the diverse terrains of Nepal. The motorbiking adventure is so far the best adventure in Nepal as you get to explore the wonderful places with the thrill of biking. The biking adventure can be extended to multiple days depending upon the destination accessibility and the length of stay. Biking tours in the Plains and Mountains have their own attributes. In the plains, there are so many places to visit and activities to pursue. The Mustang region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Ilam’s tea garden etc. are some of the popular places for a mountain Motorbike tour in Nepal. Kathmandu, Bandipur, Pokhara, Chitwan, Palpa, Lumbini etc. are equally popular for biking adventures in Nepal.

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Nepal Motorbike Tour : Things You Should Know
  • While on a motorbike tour in Nepal, you get to see the astounding views and sceneries and equally get an opportunity to explore the culture and lifestyle of people in diverse places of Nepal. One needs to get the right accessories and necessary equipment while on a Motorbike tour in Nepal. You also have to be aware of the speed and traffic rules as well. You might have to obtain permits to enter some places such as Annapurna region, Mustang region, Langtang region etc.
  • There are some pros and cons of motorbiking in Nepal. However, whatever the cons be, you will experience the best parts that Nepal has to offer. Also, there are not any cons of motor biking, but something you need to be aware of can be considered as cons. Nepal is a developing country and has somewhat difficulties. So, some of the things you need to consider while biking in Nepal are written here.
  • Things to consider while your Motorbike tour in Nepal: 
  • You will enjoy the excellent views and mind blowing beauty of the diverse terrains of Nepal. However, getting to those places can be difficult. You may need permits to enter some places. You have to be prepared for some uncontrollable circumstances as well which are beyond the control. 
  • Make sure you have insurance, just in case of some severe difficulties. 
  • You should always keep your identity papers along with yourself, and if some region requires paperwork for biking, you should make it as well. 
  • During the harsh weather conditions, motorbiking in Nepal can be arduous life-threatening and riders should be aware of the climate and weather as well. 
  • Don’t override, fatigues and drained energy never work good and you may not enjoy the ride. 
  • Major part is picking the right bike that you like the most and convenient and comfortable for you. Some riders find it difficult to switch their biking habits to another bike. So, a better selection of biking can help you to make your travel experience more joyful. 
  • You should be aware of the traffic rules as well. In some busy places, getting managed into traffic can be challenging. So, stay prepared for it. 
  • The traffic in the capital and its chaos is very unpleasant and challenging, however adventurous to some, the urban ride is unsafe to the newbies as well. 
  • The pollution is another part, mask yourself and cover your face to avoid the dust and smoke residues. So, be prepared for it in Urban. 
How popular is Motorcycle tour in Nepal?

Biking in Nepal is the best adventure for tourists. The inquisitive locals will be strolling around with their warm hospitality. The drafting blow of air while riding the bike with the wonderful scenery around is the best nostalgia for any Biking lover. Biking in Nepal to explore itself undoubtedly facilitates the best opportunities to experience the beauty of Nepal. The excursion to the mountains offers you even better adventure. The lush greenery along the way and the lifestyle of people, the chaos of the rural villages and pleasing weather is the celestial offering that Nepal has. The diverse dimensions and terrains in Nepal are fascinating for biking adventure.

In comparison to the unpleasant Urban atmosphere, the mountainous and Himalayan beauty of Nepal is unbeatable. As much higher you get to the elevation, the Himalayas uncover itself. So, the struggle in the city is worthwhile, but you will surely create some memories that last an eternity.

Motorbike Rental in Nepal

There are few rental service providers in Kathmandu and Pokhara from where you can rent some bikes and gears essential to you. The Thamel in Kathmandu and ‘Lakeside’ in Pokhara are popular for every tourist essentials from where you can hire bikes and gears as well. Rental companies ask for your passport or identity card, you must provide them to get the bike by paying the charges. However, if you want it to be organized we are always there in your service. You can get varieties of motorbikes available in Nepal. Price may vary, but you can have options while choosing a bike for mountains in Nepal.

motorbike tour in nepal

The wilderness around the valleys of Pokhara and Kathmandu is mind blowing from where spectators get the best views of the mountains and valleys in Nepal. If you want to see the place from top, always get to the nearest hill with a little high altitude which surely facilitates you with the best views. Explore Nepal and get beautiful insights on the beauty she is with a Motorbike tour in Nepal.

Itinerary for Motorcycle tour in Annapurna Region

Day 1: Kathmandu to Pokhara. (200 KM, 7-8 hours of ride)
Day 2: Pokhara to Kalopani. (110 KM, 8-9 hour ride)
Day 3: Kalopani to Muktinath. (68 KM, 7-8 hour ride)
Day 4: Muktinath to Tatopani. (7-hour ride)
Day 5: Tatopani to Bandipur. (167 KM, 8-9 hour ride)
Day 6: Bandipur to Kathmandu. (4-5 hour ride)

Itinerary for Motorcycle tour in Manang Region

Day 1: Kathmandu to Besisahar. (172 KM, 6 hours of ride)
Day 2: Besisahar to Chame. (65 KM)
Day 3: Chame to Manang village. (30 KM)
Day 4: Manang village to Khangsar village. (15 KM)
Day 5: Trek to Tilicho Base Camp. (6 hours of walk)
Day 6: Trek back from Tilicho to Manang. (15 KM)
Day 7: Manang to Dharapani. (90 KM)
Day 8: Dharapani to Kathmandu. (200 KM)

Motorbike tour in Nepal is best for young people who want to go on a ride exploring the beauty of the mountains in Nepal. These are some motorbike tour itinerary. But depending upon the request of travellers to visit the places of Nepal, we can tailor more. Relish the true joy of biking in Nepal with us! 


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