Live Music Restaurants in Pokhara

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Live music restaurants in Pokhara

Find out the best live music restaurants in Pokhara for the night hangout during your trip to there. Pokhara is the most popular leisure tourist hub of Nepal. The natural attractions and beautiful scenery of the Pokhara valley made it a popular destination. It is also popular for its immensely decorated wonderful nightlife and live music performance around the streets of Lakeside.

There are so many night clubs, bars, restaurants, lounges and pubs in Pokhara. Especially around the Lakeside, the Pokhara stay awake while the rest of Nepal is sleeping. Pokhara’s music restaurants and clubs are pretty awesome to enjoy the beauty of this living city. Here we have listed some of the popular live music restaurants in Pokhara as per the public attendance and their preference.

Trisara Pokhara

Trisara is one of the finest live music restaurants in Pokhara. The great ambience of Tisara with live music is popular in Nepal. Trisara is in the central part of Lakeside, just close to the main street. If you are seeking a great place for live music and a wonderful environment to hang around with friends and family, Trisara is a great option. The vegetarian options are also available at Trisara. The hospitality and its atmosphere is excellent and have reasonable charges.

Busy Bee

Busy Bee is also a quite happening restaurant situated in nearby Lakeside Pokhara. They have the best live music performed by the local bands and unbeatable international cuisine accompanied by the fantastic atmosphere. If you are seeking a great place to enjoy your weekends, days-off, musical events, gatherings and celebration, this place could be a better option. It is a most recommended place to hangout around the lakeside.

Old Blues Bar

This Bar is also situated nearby Lakeside. It is one of the oldest Bar of Pokhara city. The place has a pool counter, a cool bar and nice staff. Many tourists and trekkers around the world visit this place to enjoy. The great ambience and musical tastes made this Old Blues Bar a popular choice for many people been in Pokhara city. If you are in search of a good place to enjoy, this place is also an excellent option.

Paradiso Sports Bar and Grill

Paradiso Sports Bar and Grill is one of the popular places to watch sports shows and live games. It is situated nearby Fewa Lake. They broadcast all the best national and international sporting matches, including International Football, World Cup, 6 Nations Rugby, World Cup Rugby, college sports games etc. If you want to enjoy live music while dining in the restaurant, specializing in fish and chips which goes with any style of music. The Paradiso is always featuring new musical talents. So, this place would also be a great place to enjoy live music and sports events.

The Irish Pub

The Irish Pub is the awesome place to listen to live music in Pokhara. It is situated nearby the lakeside. It provides a variety of cuisine and offers a wide range of spirits, concentrating on imports from Ireland such as Jameson, Guiness, Erin’s Rock, Murphy’s Irish Stout, Baileys Irish cream, St. Brendan’s and other liquors. In addition, the Pub offers Scottish whiskeys as well as the domestic and other imported liquors and variety of cocktails. If you want to enjoy the drinks with awesome live musical experience, the Irish Pub is a great place.

Rolling Stones Rock Bar

This Rock bar has a great ambience, jolly environment and wonderful music and food selections. It is situated nearby Lakeside. If you want to enjoy live band music in a wonderful charm, this place is a great place. You may get a chance to enjoy your drink with a great companion of this live music restaurant. The food selection is also good and the hospitality of the staff is also appreciable. If you are seeking for a good and reasonable place to enjoy your time with family and friends, you won’t regret to visit this bar a chance.

Queen Forest Restro and Bar

Queen Forest Restro and Bar is one of the most attractive, unique and amazing parts of the Hotel Raniban Arcade. This restaurant also located in lakeside. This exceptional Fusion-style restaurant boasts delicious and fresh cuisine, along with interior designs reflecting the rustic natural beauty and charm of Pokhara. This multi-cuisine restaurant also frequently boasts art and music exhibitions. If you want to enjoy live music along, this place would also be an ideal one.

The nightlife of Pokhara is quite happening and live music performance is awesome, especially rock music. Around Lakeside, there are so many Clubs, Bars and Pubs offering the best nightlife experiences in the most popular city of Nepal, Pokhara. Enjoy your time. 


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