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How to Book Thailand Tour Packages from Nepal?

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Thailand package from Nepal

Thailand is the most visited tourist destination in southern Asia. It is the 5th largest country with 68 million people. It is home to beautiful temples, ancient royal palaces,  exciting places, tropical beaches, wildlife adventure with friendly people and fascinating culture. Thailand is also called the land of smiles because of its natural beauty and friendly environment.

The beaches, crystal clear sea water, coconut grooves, dense monsoon forest, and fantastic city lights all combine together to give Thailand the title of literal heaven. It provides a touch of history with a soft peek into the culture, a slight hint of adventure with a massive definition of fun, and astounding beauty with extraordinary scenery. From every prospect, Thailand is rich either we talk about its beauty or its complex geography.

Mainly, Thailand is influenced by Thai culture, which is guided by the Buddhist principle. Also, you can find many royal Buddhist stupas and places in Thailand. It is also famous for its delicious Thai food, which people can’t resist. Thailand is a famous tourist destination among them; some must-visit cities include Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Khao Lak, Hua Hin and soon. Each city offers a unique culture, incredible places, and warm hospitality.

Thailand is ranked as the eighth most visited destination in the world. Northern Thailand boasts a variety of adventure activities with abundant natural resources, such as forests and wildlife, while southern Thailand is famous for its glorious beaches and nightlife. Street activity is another highlighting part of eastern and western Thailand. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and was the most visited destination of Thailand in the old days; however, western Thailand, such as Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, and likewise, are the Tourism capital nowadays.

Where is Thailand?

Thailand is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, located in the centre of the Indochinese Peninsula. Toward its north, there is Myanmar, Laos in its northeast, Cambodia in its east, Malaysia towards its south, and Andaman sea to its west. Also, Myanmar is in close proximity toward its west as it shares the Maritime border with Vietnam in its southeast and Indonesia and India in its southwest.

Thailand Major Attractions

Thailand has multiple attractions, but the cities are Thailand's prime biz. Some of them are described below:

1. Bangkok

Bangkok is a fantastic place full of natural beauty, ancient royal temples, many stupas, shopping centres, and vibrant street life. It is the capital city of Thailand, which has an area of more than 1500 square kilometres. Bangkok has topped the list as the most popular tourist destination and is also known as the City of Angel, City of Immortal and City of Royals.

Bangkok is primarily famous for its Thai massage and its nightclub. Bangkok’s attractions are Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Safari World and Marine Park, Dreamworld, Floating Market, Ayutthaya Temples, and Khao San Road. Moreover, people can explore the nightlife/markets, enjoy cruise dinners, have shopping, try different types of street food, enjoy incredible cultural shows and many other places like Chinatown, and Little India, which have beautiful markets.

A brief description on the significant sites of Bangkok appreciated by visitors is mentioned below:

The grand palace

It’s one of the important Buddhist temples with impressive architecture. It is known as the spiritual heart of Bangkok. It is made of numerous buildings, halls, gardens, and courtyards. In the past, it was the king's residence and was used for some royal ceremonies. Although the king stopped living in the palace around the 20th century, the Palace complex still celebrates ceremonies.

 Wat Pho

It’s one of the largest and oldest birthplaces of Thai Massage and still serves as an important center for studying traditional medicine. It is the highest grade of the first-class royal temple in the Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok, Thailand. It is Bangkok’s oldest temple and the temple of the Reclining Buddha with a 45-meter statue. Wat Pho is also the “first university in Thailand” with a rich creative heritage. It is still an important center, like a massage.

Safari World and Marine Park

It's a tourist attraction in Bangkok. It's a large enclosed land where wild animals such as lions, giraffes, Zebra, and elephants live freely. Thailand comprises two parks named, Safari world and Marine park, operated by safari world public Limited. In the safari world, you can find varieties of animal-like, like zebra, deer, birds, tigers, lions, etc., and the marine park exhibits some rare marine animals. The attraction of the parks is a jungle cruise river ride, a water flume ride through the jungle of Africa and Asia, seven exciting shows every day, a fantasy crap garden, a crocodile garden, a Dolphin show and many more.

Ayutthaya Temples

It’s one of the giant Buddha temples in Buddha saffron robes. It’s believed that if our coin reaches 7 meters long Buddha Statue feet, it will bring us good luck. Ayutthaya Temple is probably the most famous historical site near Bangkok. Some temples are Wat Phra Sri Sanphet and Chedi Phu Khao Thong here.

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet

It is one of the grandest and most beautiful ancient temples and is known as a model of Bangkok built of gold. It was the royal family's temple, showcasing Thailand's fascinating history.

Chedi Phu Khao Thong

It is the Buddhist tower, in the village of Phu Khao Thong near Ayutthaya in central Thailand. Visitors can climb as far as Landing halfway up the chedi, from which the surrounding rice field and the town of Ayutthaya can be seen.

2. Pattaya

Pattaya is where people want to spend more time because of its peaceful surroundings and friendly environment. It is located 150 kilometres southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya is famous for sun, sand and beach resorts with water activities. Pattaya has Coral island, where you can go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving to see the amazing underwater world in crystal clear water. Besides beaches, Pattaya offers many things, such as the Floating Market, Sanctuary of Truth, Nong Nooch Garden, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Dolphin World, Rubber Land, Tuxedo Illusion Hall, Museums and local markets with varieties of handicrafts and fantastic nightlife. Pattaya is so friendly that it will welcome every type of tourist with its amazing vibes.

Sanctuary of Truth

It is one famous attraction of Pattaya. It is the largest wood building in Thailand that uses only wood to build as the ancient Thai carpenter style. It is an unfinished museum inspired by the temple of Ayutthaya following Thai architecture. It is a hybrid structure with a mixed pattern of temple and castle. Different gods are carved in the woods, making the monument an art piece. Though unfinished, this sanctuary can be visited by tourists, and it is estimated to be completed by 2025.

Nong Nooch garden

It is a botanical garden distributed over 500 acres of land. Different varieties of flowers can be seen in this garden. Mainly it is preserving the distinct flower species on the brink of extinction. The blooming flowers of different species, their mixed aroma, and the nectars make this beautiful garden a must-visit if you ever visit Thailand. This garden is the epitome of eternal beauty, especially in the spring this looks fabulous. 

Pattaya Floating Market

It is another sparkling feature of beautiful Pattaya. There you can enjoy local Thai food, enjoy a boat ride, and explore the floating markets. This amazing market has everything from clothes to temples above the water, which make this floating market even more unique. Also, This water market sees a large crowd daily because of its unique placement. The locals can be seen engaged in their marketing while the children can be seen dancing and enjoying the boat ride.

3. Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island, located on the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman sea. It is a mountainous island with beaches and is home to resorts and restaurants with busy markets. Phuket has magnificent cover and bay, white beaches, and small surrounding islands with great seafood. It is also called a superstar island because of its beautiful beaches, such as Patong Beach, Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach, and Karon Beach.

Phuket trip is only complete with activities such as underwater diving in clear water, Snorkeling, etc., on PhiPhi island. Besides beaches, Phuket is also blessed with its cultural heritage and many ancient stupas and temples. Phuket’s attractions are Big Buddha, Wat Chalong, Phuket Old Town, Bangla Road, Phuket Night Market, Phuket Fantasea, Phuket Walking Street, Crocodile Farm, and also famous for its night markets. Exploring Phuket will be fun, with so many unforgettable memories.

Phuket’s Old Town

It is a historical area where a unique community called BaBa lived there with their own way of unique lifestyle, culture, language, food, and dress. They follow Chinese culture and living style in their own way. So, this town is unique and unforgettable compared to other places. Also, old Portuguese-designed buildings can be seen in this area. All old buildings are coloured brightly, though the architecture remains the same. There you can shop, enjoy Thai delicacies and take beautiful pictures.

Big Buddha

It is one of the island's most important and revered landmarks. Its official name is Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Akenakiri. The huge image sits on top of the hills between Chalong and kata, with a height of 45 meters. It is the tallest statue in Thailand, and the beautiful Phuket city view can be seen. Also, several Bay can be seen from this place if the weather is clear. If you visit this religious zone, note that it is a religious grounds, so wear proper clothes. The security personnel would check you before entering the temple, and if you are wearing shorts too short, then a free Sarang will be provided for you to wear during your visit.

Wat Chalong

It is Phuket's most important Buddhist temple in the Chalong Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District. It is a historical landmark and Buddhist temple, also a beautiful island temple in Phuket. Many locals claim that the temple often experiences many miracles. It is also known for its pivotal and healing role in the fighting between Chinese societies.

4. Krabi

Krabi is in southern Thailand province with its perfect white beaches, stunning scenery, Limestone Cliffs, Caves, Waterfalls and exotic wildlife. It is known for its outstanding natural beauty and also famous for its glorious island, along with incredible rock climbing opportunities.

Krabi has the prettiest beaches. Some of them are Phra Nang Beach (It has excellent visibility of water and amazing views of massive rocks), Railway Beach, Tonsai Beach, Ao Nang Beach, Monkey Beach and so on. On these famous beaches, people can try Rock Climbing, Sea Kayaking, Jungle Trekking, and Scuba Diving. Also, you can explore Tiger Temple, Klom Thom Hot Spring, Emerald Pool, Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, etc. Krabi offers something for everyone with its warmness and family-friendly environment.

Monkey Beach

It is a place with great vibes and is surrounded by the monkey. This place is famous for water activities like snorkelling, kayaking, etc. Also, this place is relatively peaceful compared to other beaches.

Phra Nang Beach

It is the southern sand strip in Railay Bay.  The sand is fine and soft, and the water's colour and clearness are incredible. With 450 meters in length and reachable in a mere 20-minute long-tail boat trip directly from Ao Nang, It is more popular and busier than Railay West during high season.

5. Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a tropical paradise on the east coast in the Gulf of Thailand. It is known for its beaches full of natural beauty with crystal clear water, also known for the dense mountainous rainforest, luxury resorts, coconut groves, etc. The major attraction of Koh Samui is Chewang beach (which is the busiest beach with its amazing nightlife), Ang Thong National Marine Park, Big Buddha, Secret Buddha Garden, Jungle Trekking, water activities in Koh Tao such as Snorkeling, Diving, Wat Plai Laem, Rock climbing in Chaweng and Lamai Beach, etc. Enjoy the second-largest island of Thailand.

Ang Thong National Marine Park

It is located in the Gulf of Thailand in Surat Thani Province. It is a protected area of more than 100 sq kilometres of land and sea. There are limestone mountains, a thick jungle, white-sand beaches, a waterfall, and lakes.

Secret Garden

It is one of the highest peaks on the resort island of Koh Samui in Surat Thani Province, Thailand. Secret Buddha Garden is known as Magic Garden and Heaven’s Garden and is found in Koh Samui’s interior, northwest of Lamai beach. Here you can find many statues of Buddha and other aspects of the Thai Buddha, and also as birds, snakes, angel statues and groups of musicians and other animals.

6. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a trendy destination and the largest city in northern Thailand. It is the most significant cultural city between the highest mountain in the north. It is famous for its beautiful ancient temples, striking mountainous landscapes, with outstanding natural attractions. In Chiang Mai, visit Elephant Nature Park, Trekking in the surrounding mountain, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Wat Chedi Luang, Doi Inthanon, Wat Phrasing and also explore Chiang Mai Gate Market, Walking Street, Night Bazaar, etc. Chiang Mai pleases you with its mesmerising views.

Doi Inthanon national park

It is one of Thailand's most famous national parks. Located 37 miles from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, famous for its waterfalls, few trails, remote villages, viewpoints, sunrise|set, etc. The national park is a sanctuary for many species, particularly birds, that come to take advantage of the diversity. It is also home to Thailand’s tallest and most prominent mountain, Root of Mountain.

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

It is a Buddhist temple 15km from Chiang Mai. There you can find the Golden mount at the temple, the golden statue of Buddha, a Green glass buddha statue, stone snakes near the gate, etc.  It is referred to as “Doi Suthep”, although this is the name of the mountain where it is located. The original gold-plated chedi is the holiest area of the temple ground, and also there is a statue of the Hindu god Ganesh.

Wat Chedi Luang

It is a Buddhist temple in the historic centre of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The current temple grounds were originally made up of three temples, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat ho Tham and Wat Sukmin. Also on the temple ground is the city pillar of Chiang Mai, Sao Inthakin. Tourists are invited to speak with monks and ask about Buddhism.

Thailand packages

Some of the famous Thailand packages are listed below:

Documents required for Thai Visa

Documents you need to present for Dubai tour are :

  1. Original passport with a minimum of six months of validation.

  2. Three passport-sized photos with the same background (white).

  3. Visa fee- NRS 9000

  4. Must have a Minimum NRS one lakh in your bank account.

  5. Valid Statement of the same bank's last six months' transactions.

Booking procedure

You have to go through a series of steps for booking Thailand tour packages, which are elaborated below:

STEP 1: You have to send a query with all your requirements in the very beginning, and in accordance with that, we will respond to you.

STEP 2: We will send you the quotations after receiving your queries. The quotations will carry the complete information about the package from the beginning of the tour to departure, along with the cost.

STEP 3: After receiving the quote, you have to confirm as soon as possible, as there is no such privilege of holding the room prior, and there may be unavailability of hotel rooms and flight tickets if the delay is caused.

STEP 4: After the confirmation, You have to send us the complete payment; we will only start your trip preparation by hotel booking, visa procedure, and flight booking simultaneously.

STEP 5: After receiving your payment, we will send you all the trip details, such as hotel vouchers, visa and flight tickets.

STEP 6: You need a tourist Visa for Thailand, which may take 10 to 15 days to process, so plan your trip accordingly. For the visa, you must provide us original passport with at least six months of validation, three passport-size photos with white backgrounds and a valid bank statement of the last six months. Also, at least Nrs one lakh should be in your bank account.


Above mentioned steps will guide you in booking the packages for Thailand.

Things You Need to Know

Some of the things you need to know before joining the Thailand trip are mentioned below:

Nepal Immigration Rules

Even after the visa is granted, you need to pay special care to Nepal immigration. Immigration will undergo a series of procedures, and you have to be completely honest with them, be ready for their interrogations, and carry all the necessary documents(in the case of the married couple, please carry your marriage certificate). There you have to state your purpose of visit clearly. Based on your statements, they will run a background check, from your travel history to financial activity. If immigration suspects you and stops you, then you will not be able to travel. In such cases, we will not be responsible.

Money to Carry/Cash Requirements

You can carry USD 1200 to 1500 for your personal use. The sightseeing charges are included in the packages, but for extra expenses such as shopping, you need to carry some USD. You can only take USD 1500 at most, for taking more than that, you need to go through the law procedure.

Things Not to Carry

Don't carry any types of weed or drugs with you. It may result in a very deadly situation. So, avoid carrying such things.

Airport Pick Up

At the airport, our local resprestantive will pick you up. What you need to remember about airport pick-up is that there may be multiple exit lanes sometimes. We will notify you of the exit lane where our local representative will be present, and you need to go to that particular lane; otherwise, you may not meet him/her in some other random lane. So, pay good attention to this.

Why Book with Us?

We can give several reasons for you to book your Thailand tour with us. Some of them are mentioned below:

A Customised Trip

We will customise the trip per your needs and preferences. You can ping us if you want to upgrade the hotels, change the airlines, or expand the tour. We will make the modifications suggested by you; however, the itinerary remains the same, and only slight changes are performed.

Private Arrangements

All the transportation will be arranged privately; you don't have to worry about sharing your trip with a stranger. And if you like to make your moment even more special, we can make private arrangements per your request. The arrangement costs will not be included in the package; you must pay extra.

Quality Hotels

Our prime consideration is quality hotels. We mainly focus on the accommodation, as the trip relies on it. All the hotels provided to you will be highly sanitised, in the proper location with excellent services. You won't have a word to complain afterwards, and we assure you that the services will delight you. So, book your trip with us without any worries.

Safety and Trustworthy

You can read our reviews on TripAdvisor. Till date, we are able to stay on what we say, “quality service with trustworthiness”. Your safety will be our prime responsibility, but don't violate any rules of the respective region. You must follow the guidelines, stay disciplined, and follow the local customs and practices. Additionally, for your comfort, we will provide you with a local guide from the start of your trip till the departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequent queries on booking Thailand packages are mentioned below:

Do Nepalese require a visa to visit Thailand?

Yes, Nepalese require a visa to visit Thailand. It may take around 15 to 20 days minimum for the visa procedure.

Where can I get a Thailand Visa in Nepal?

You can get a Thai visa from Royal Thai Embassy, in Basbari, Mharajgunj.

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

The best time to visit Thailand is the cool and dry season of November to early April. Still, it also depends on your destinations and what kind of activities you wanna experience because every season offers you a unique experience that cannot be comparable.

Do Thai Speak English?

The primary language of Thailand is Thai, so very few numbers of Thai speak English, but Thai people speak English in significant tourist attractions. So, there won't be any difficulties with language.

What must I pack to travel to Thailand?

It depends on your plans, the activities you have, the places you choose and the season you choose to travel. Thailand has the most amazing beaches, so we suggest you carry a swimsuit and the things you need on the beach. A comfortable shoe for hiking and clothes according to season. Also, formal clothes if you want to visit the temple of Thailand.


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