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How to Book Maldives Tour Packages from Nepal?

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Maldives tour package from Nepal

Maldives is the perfect holiday destination for beach lovers. This Island offers the best ocean experience you can ever have. The luxurious water villas, crystal clear water, several water activities, and vibrant environment make Maldives a go-to destination for all adults, especially couples. Tourists from all over the world flock to this destination to enjoy their vacation.

The country's main economic root lies in Tourism. Several villas are constructed for the comfort of the visitors, and this is exactly the major attraction of Maldives. These water villas are well-facilitated and provide the best ocean and beach views. Also, the sunset looks phenomenal from here.

Maldives is famous for clear water and sunny beaches so you can join several water adventure activities here. The most famous water activity on this clear-water island is Snorkeling. Most water villas provide safety gear, but you have to pay in case of equipment. Maldives vacation is ideal for those who want to spend some personal time, alone with their loved ones, admiring the views of the sea and beaches.

Maldives particularly don't have such historical and cultural sights, so if you are expecting a Temple tour, or sightseeing, then it may not be the destination you are in search of. The beaches are all the Maldives have got. The coconut Grooves, soft swirling airlocks, peace, tranquil environment, and breathtaking scenery are what you will get on your Maldives tour.

Normally the temperature in the Maldives ranges around 27 to 31-degree celsius. So, the days are usually hot and humid. You can pack some summer clothes with some swimsuits. You are going to the island, so please think carefully about what to take and not to miss. Also, November to April is the best time to visit the Maldives, as this time favors the weather much. You will have nice days and an amazing holiday during this period.

Where is Maldives?

Maldives is a popular holiday destination in the southwest of Sri Lanka and India. It is an island in southern Asia, lying in the Indian Ocean. It sits between 1 deg south and 8 deg north latitudes, with a 72 deg and 74 deg E longitude. Also, the Maldives is the smallest country in Asia, with an area of 300 square km.


Maldives Major Attractions

The coral reefs, water villas and resorts, coconut grooves, and the beach are the major attractions of Maldives. Also, Maldives is famous for its water activities. Don't miss to enjoy water activities such as Snorkeling, diving, and Surfing during your visit. Some major Maldives attractions are mentioned below:

Luxurious water villas.

The water villas are the one prime feature of Maldives. Several water villas on this island are pricey but worth every penny. They offer luxury, comfort, the best sea view, an amazing sunset panorama, and a peaceful ambience above the water. It provides the utmost relaxation, making your trip more memorable and fun.

Spa Facility.

Maldives is also known for its amazing hospitality with the best spa facility. Some resorts even provide yoga classes, but their spa is well known among the crowd. You can enjoy the relaxing spa session during your time of visit.

Relaxing sandy beach, peaceful sea and coconut groves.

This Island offers the best sea view on bright sunny days with a peaceful ambience. The sunset is the glam point of the beach tour. The setting sun looks mesmerizing from the beach, and observing such beauty with your loved one makes it even more special.

Coral reefs and multicolour marine species.

The Maldives tour would be incomplete without water activity. Everyone tries at least one water activity on the Maldives tour. During the water activity, you will surf on the clear sea water and observe the marine beauties, such as coral reefs, tortoises, and fish up close. This makes the tour memorable and becomes the sweetest memory of your life.

Maldives Packages

There are several Maldives Packages. You can choose the package as per your choice and preference. Some of the best Maldives packages are:

  1. Short Maldives Honeymoon Package( 4 Nights 5 Days)

  2. Best Maldives Honeymoon Package ( 5 Night 6 Days)

Booking Procedure

You have to go through a series of steps for booking Maldives tour packages which are elaborated below:

STEP 1: You have to send a query with all your requirements in the very beginning (filling up a form, displayed after clicking "Get a Quote" in the website), and in accordance with that, we will respond to you. OR You can simply contact us via WhatsApp (+977 9823404148) or mail at the following mail address (

STEP 2: We will send you the quotations after receiving your queries. The quotations will carry the complete information about the package from the beginning of the tour to departure, along with the cost with all inclusions and exclusions.

STEP 3: After receiving the quote, you have to confirm as soon as possible, as there is no such privilege of holding the room prior, and there may be unavailability of hotel rooms and flight tickets if the delay is caused.

STEP 4: After the confirmation, You have to send us the complete payment; then only, we will start your trip preparation by hotel booking, visa procedure, and flight booking simultaneously.

STEP 5: After receiving your payment, we will send you all the trip details, such as hotel vouchers, visa and flight tickets.

STEP 6: You need an on-arrival visa for the Maldives. For this, you must fill out an online form before visiting. While traveling, carry your original passport with at least six months of validation, two to three passport-size photos with white backgrounds and some supporting documents such as marriage certificates in case of married couples, and a vaccination card in case of need.

Above mentioned steps will guide you in booking the packages for Maldives.

Things You Need to Know

Things you must consider before visiting the Maldives are cited below. Give it a look to know more:

Nepal Immigration Rules

Even if there is no provision for a Visa, you need permission from Nepal immigration to visit. Immigration will undergo a series of procedures, and you have to be completely honest with them, be ready for their interrogations, and carry all the necessary documents (in the case of the married couple, please carry your marriage certificate). There you have to state your purpose of visit clearly. Based on your statements, they will run a background check, from your travel history to financial activity. If immigration suspects you and stops you, then you will not be able to travel. In such cases, we will not be responsible.

Money to Carry/Cash Requirements

You can carry USD 1200 to 1500 for personal use. The sightseeing charges are included in the packages, but for extra expenses such as shopping, you need to carry some USD. You can only take USD 1500 at most, for taking more than that, you need to go through the law procedure.

Things Not to Carry

Don't carry any weed or drugs with you. It may result in a very deadly situation. So, avoid carrying such things.

Airport Pick Up

Our local representative will pick you up. What you need to remember about airport pick-up is that there may be multiple exit lanes sometimes. We will notify you of the exit lane where our local representative will be present, and you need to go to that particular lane; otherwise, you may not meet him/her in some other random lane. So, pay good attention to this.

Why Book with Us?

We can give several reasons for you to book your Maldives tour with us. Some are mentioned below:


A Customized Trip

We will customize the trip per your needs and preferences. You can ping us if you want to upgrade the hotels, change the airlines, or expand the tour. We will make the modifications suggested by you; however, the itinerary remains the same, and only slight changes are performed.

Private Arrangements

All the transportation will be arranged privately; you don't have to worry about sharing your trip with a stranger. And if you like to make your moment even more unique and special, we can make private arrangements per your request. The arrangement costs will not be included in the package; you must pay extra.

Quality Hotels

Our prime consideration is quality hotels. We mainly focus on the accommodation, as the trip relies on it. All the hotels provided to you will be highly sanitized, in the proper location with excellent services. You won't have a word to complain afterwards, and we assure you that the services will delight you. So, book your trip with us without any worries.

Safety and Trustworthy

You can read our reviews on TripAdvisor. Till date, we are able to stay on what we say, “quality service with trustworthiness”. Your safety will be our prime responsibility, but don't violate any rules of the respective region. You must follow the guidelines, stay disciplined, and follow the local customs and practices. Additionally, for your comfort, we will provide you with a local guide from the start of your trip till the departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequent Queries on the Maldives tour are mentioned below:

1. Do we need a Visa to travel to the Maldives?

Nepalese don't need a visa to travel to Maldives but you must fill out a travel declaration form 96 hours before your visit.

2. What is Maldives famous for?

Maldives is famous for its crystal clear water, beaches, coconut groves, luxurious water villas, colorful coral reefs,and stunning sunset views.

3. What is the best time to visit the Maldives?

November to April is the best time to visit the Maldives. Generally, at this time, the weather is clear, slightly hot and humid and provides the best beach experience you could ever have.

4. Is there any restriction on visiting the Maldives?

Particularly not. There is no restriction on visiting Maldives. But every country has its own rules and regulations. You need to respect and follow them accordingly.


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