Homestay in Nepal

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Homestay in nepal

Homestay in Nepal is a popular approach to introduce visitors with the locals with a genuine concept of living like one. The homestay meaning in Nepali is ‘Gharbas’, which means to live in a home. The concept of home-away-home implies to a homestay. Because it lets you experience the local lifestyle with an understanding of the living standard of the locality along with the social life and local civilization. We organize the homestay tour in Nepal for the people who want to explore the typical Nepali lifestyle. 

Homestays in Nepal are beautiful as they offer wonderful experiences to the people. The authentic taste of local cuisine, the lifestyle and the true essence of living like locals in the diverse geographical locations is the best part of staying in the local homes. There are a lot of things to do while staying in the homestay. Homestays are specially developed to give an experience of being involved in the local community. 

Homestay tourism in Nepal

Explore the homestay in Nepal and understand the local norms and values. Live like locals core themed, the homestay provides you with an opportunity to get a better understanding of living closely. Talk to the local people about their life, social status, and understand the cognition process. Homestay in Kathmandu is popular because of the growing interest of tourists to get indulge in the local life and village ambiance. Also, homestay through tourism prospects is a good way to get insights into the hospitality and locals.  

Homestay in Nepal

Homestay in Nepal is mostly centered in small villages, where life is easy and simple, regeneration from the daily troubles of urban life.  With a growing interest in Homestay tourism in Nepal, it is gaining popularity among the tourists in Nepal. In order to achieve high quality, rural housing agreements the Board of governors of Tourism mobilized village development committees (VDCs), district development committees (DDCs), and local co-operatives to run housing facilities and pieces of training.  

The community-based tourism practice submerged the homestays concept. The diverse ethnicities have their own culture and identity and for tourists, every identity is a new experience and a learning process. The elite travelers visit Nepal to get an authentic rural experience. While the homestays are primarily designed to facilitate travelers with the accommodation but it can also act as an experience hub. 

Ghalegaun Homestay

Besides enhancing accommodation ability, homestay programs are primarily concerned with promoting local involvement in tourism and growing income. Homestay is two kids in Nepal – Homestays in community and homestay in private. Nepal’s rules on homestays require that the families involved giving visitors a taste of local culture, whatever the food they consume. Participating homes must provide a clean and safe environment with appropriate toilets and bathrooms. Also, Guests too should dress properly and encourage the culture and tradition of their Nepali guests. They are also requested to enter and leave their homes only in fixed times and the use of drugs is prohibited. 

Home Stays around Kathmandu

There are several homestays in Kathmandu Nepal providing the local accommodation facilities. The outskirts villages around the Kathmandu valley provide the Homestay facilities to the tourists. Besides, the nearby districts of Kathmandu valley such as Kavre, Dhulikhel, Namobuddha, Panauti also boasts the tourists in its homestays. The village lifestyle and the pristine beauty of the village is undoubtedly an amazing experience. The Bhardev Homestay, Community Homestay etc. are some of the popular Homestays in Kathmandu. 

Home Stays around Pokhara

Pokhara also boasts the Homestay experience in Nepal. There are several homestays in Pokhara Nepal providing the home alike experiences to the tourists. The outskirts of Pokhara valley offers some Homestay experiences. Living like locals is one of the ways to understand the lifestyle and cultural values of a place. Dhampus, Ghandruk etc. villages offer the Homestay experience in Pokhara. 

Homestays around Pokhara

Homestay in Ghandruk

Ghandruk Homestay offers a refreshing 7days tour for beginner trekking and experiences into mountain life. This trek offers a beautiful panorama of the Machhapuchhre sacred mountains (fishtail) and of south Annapurna. The village of Ghandruk, home to a native Gurrung group. It is a lovely decorated destination. Here you can visit and explore how the project is Conservation is achieved. A little over a thousand different houses in this village, the local architecture, cultural practices and way of life are very surprising. The food served is completely authentic, organic and home-made. 

Homestay in Dhampus

Dhampus is one of the shortest hiking trails around the valley of Pokhara, which takes you through 3 popular villages; Naudanda, Sarangkot and Dhamous itself. It is a tiny village of Gurung ethnic communities that offers an opportunity to experience its daily way of life. From there you can get opportunities to see the beautiful mountain: Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Dhaulagiri, Machapuchare, and many other mountains above 6000 meters. 

Homestay in Dhampus

Homestay in the Australian camp

The Australian Camp on the lovely hilltop provides amazing views over the valleys of the Annapurna Mountains and magnificent views. The site is on the northwest side of Pokhara. There are several homestays in Australian camp that facilitate tourists with Homestay experience. 

Staying at Homestay in Nepal

Staying at the family home is the way to deal with local people and to explore yourself in the heart of culture. You get things that others could never provide for living in a hotel. You can see the true side, experience the local life and relate to people of the same mind. Staying in a homestay can also be a key source of income in hard economies. In specific, your hostesses gain greatly, not only from extra funds but also from increased self-esteem and new capabilities. There are a few very excellent reasons for choosing to stay. 

Homestays in nepal

Live like locals

Travelling is a learning process, in which you get to explore the lifestyle, culture, nature and how the people of a region manage to live their life. Homestay provides you with the chance to learn about the civilization of a particular place with in-depth understanding and morals. Moreover, Living like locals is becoming a new trend. 

To better understand the place

If you want to know what makes a place tick, you can achieve that understanding by staying with a family for a few days alone. You will experience a much more real side of the location staying with a local. You think of yourself, too. It is an excellent way to learn to exchange ideas.

Discover the new place

Homestays offer you the opportunity to learn about a destination. The homestay in Nepal is not the most well-known area. Although you are a little bit further off track, you mightn’t have believed about going to fascinating locations. There are homestays now spreading all across Nepal from Ilam in the far east, known for its tea, to Bardia in the far west (known for its tiger). Your money further and helps local economies by visiting those lesser-known locations. Moreover, Explore new places and understand the local lifestyle and cultural values. 

Try local Kitchen

Your customers prepare traditional food, wherever you go. Even though Dal Bhat is the national favourite, you can always go anywhere. There are also a variety of specialities, local to the various ethnic groups, depending on where you stay. See especially the very specific meals of Newar or Tharu. And if you are interested in testing your own cooking, give support or ask your guests to teach you to know to cook in a local style. 

Local Accommodation

Hotels can not compete in this positive experience from home. You may not have so much luxury in a home, but you are welcome to do so. Also, you feel at home and you feel like you are part of the family. You will always discover someone with you to share your experiences and who wants to learn about your day if you are travelling alone. 

Ghandruk Village

Take part in local activity

Tourism can be one of the world’s largest industries, but money often does not flow into the local economy. Staying at a house, you know a significant proportion of the money, rather than middlemen or multinational chains, go straight through the pocket of a person or community. Also, your money spent on the local economy has a much greater impact and helps poor communities.

Local cultural values

How did you expect your feet soils to be pointed at somebody, or to not say no to your cup being fitted with tea on the home? How could you understand? Staying with a family can be a pleasant way to find out such activities. The difficult parts of their customs and local culture are most welcome for your hosts. Don’t worry about asking many questions. And be prepared to answer your questions as well.

Homestay in nepal

Ideas Sharing

It can create a cultural shock while staying in a rural and different than native settlement. However, it can be a productive measure to understand the local people and their cultural practices. The exchange of ideas and understanding improvise the thought process and knowledge of people. While staying in a homestay, you can also see where things are together. Nothing is better than exchanging thoughts with other people. 

Go Local with homestays in Nepal

Homestays are always much cheaper than hotels, making your one-time journey a little cost-efficient as well. You’re going to have your own room but at reasonable rates. At the same moment, it is essential to realize that you stay at home, so it will not be all perfect. The homestay experience is the homely experience where you are directly involved with the living and lifestyle of other people. You get to have a truly hospitable environment while having a wonderful cuisine selection as per the cultural practices. Live in a homestay to understand the culture and traditions as part of your traveling as it is also a learning process. And homestay gives you a truly local experience. 

The Homestay is a feeling that has immense power to make you feel like it has some sort of connection and a sense of belonging to you. Having an experience that lasts a lifetime while making a true bond with the Nepalese hospitable people is the best part of Homestays. All over the country, there are many Homestays providing diverse experiences to tourists. Explore, indulge and get some insights on the rural lifestyle of Nepal while staying in a homestay. 


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