Ghale Gaun Village of Nepal

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Ghale Gaun Village Nepal | Villages in Nepal | Annapurna Region

Ghale Gaun village (2016 m) is an attractive tourist place, located in Lamjung district of Nepal. This beautiful village is filled with natural beauty, tradition and cultural diversity. One can catch the wonderful view of the majestic Himalayas, including Machhapuchre, Annapurna and its ranges, Lamjung Himal, Bouddha Himal, Himalchuli and other peaks. 

Ghale Gaun lies in the north-west part of the capital ‘Kathmandu’. The distance is approximate 186 KM from Kathmandu to Besi Shahar and another 15 km away from there. One can reach there by a private vehicle from Kathmandu. Alternately public vehicle also available to reach, but first they need to go Kathmandu to Besi Shahar and change another.

Ghalegaun in nepal

It’s a village to explore the unspoiled culture and daily lifestyle of the local Gurung community. Traditional customs are still being followed by the local people on their important occasions as well as daily life. They perform cultural dances like Ghatu, Jhyaure, Serka, Dohori, Ghyabring, Krishna Charitra etc. on various occasion.  The main occupations of the villagers are agriculture and animal husbandry. They keep sheep and goats to make woollen clothes from their wool. They make handbags from nettle fibre and towel and other clothes from rabbit wool. Some of the youths also engage in military groups of the Indian army, Nepal army and the British army, as well as some, are running their local homestays for tourist.

Ghale Gaun Village is a popular tourist place for short trek and village tour.

The slogan “Atithi Devo Vaba” is inherently obeyed by the people of Ghale Gaun. They welcome their guests by offering garlands and Red Tika. They are providing good hospitality with comfortable bedding and clean toilet facilities. Delicious Nepali food like Dhindo, chicken curry, vegetable curry, fresh yoghurt and milk are served in a traditional way. Villagers grow organic tea and coffee by themselves and serve it to the guests.

Homestay in Ghalegaun

Some male people of the village go to the honey hunting at the seasoned time.  They harvest the honey of Apis Laborious Bee (the biggest bee in the world). Honey hunting is really very risky as well as adventurous. Several tourists from abroad visit the village to explore the honey hunting process by the villagers. At the time of honey hunting, they have to go to the high cliffs of the foothills through a rope ladder.

Homestay in Ghalegaun 

Ghale Gaun village is such a beautiful destination for nature lovers. Gurung Museum is the other attraction which reflects the local culture and tradition in a small house filled with Gurung treasures collected from the ancestors. The homestay experience in Ghalegaun is fascinating. The authentic village experience and staying with the locals while understanding about the lifestyle and daily activities of the people of Ghalegaun is the best thing to do in the Annapurna region. 

Mostly inhabited by Gurungs, Ghalegaun is popular for the Gurung culture. The unspoiled cultural significance and the mindblowing natural beauty of Ghalegaun offer the best lifetime experiences in Nepal. 


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