10 Nepalese Foods to Try in Nepal

  • Feb 02, 2020
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Nepalese foods are one of the key attraction at the time of your trip to Nepal. Nepal, also known as a country of mountains and beautiful sceneries, is visited by thousands of tourists every year. People who have been to Nepal will not be able to forget their visit for a number of reasons- the snow-capped mountain views, the pagoda styled temples, various palaces, museums, squares and traditional settlements and hospitable people. 

Apart from all the natural, social and cultural aspects, there is one other thing that will retain Nepal in your mind, sight as well as taste buds- the famous Nepali cuisine. As Nepal is home to many indigenous ethnic groups, thousands of festivals are celebrated each year. People sing and dance merrily. Despite this, the main thing about them or say overall Nepali is their food. Nepalese Foods blended with spices and cooked with love. One gets to taste many types of cuisines and delicacies here.  There are numerous food choices that will probably take days for one to finish off their list of things to try out. 

Nepalese foods are also famous for being nutritious and temptingly scrumptious. So here is a list of delicious Nepalese foods to try in Nepal. And we bet that once you have tried it you will forever crave for more of it. For your easiness, we have listed out the ten important foods one should try in Nepal.


Popularly known as the power pack food of Nepal, Daal Bhat is a must-try food to all those food lovers who are here in Nepal. “Bhat” means “Boiled Rice” and “Daal” means “Lentils”. One gets to taste this amazing food as their lunch and dinner. It is also a major Nepalese food to try in Nepal. 

Dal Bhat in Nepal


This dish actually is a Chinese dumpling cooked the Nepali way with minced buffalo meat that is either steamed or fried. It is one of the favourite dishes all over the country, enjoyed as a snack or fast food during the day or as an evening meal. Momo shops are abundantly found in every nook and corner. You can get both vegetable Momo and Momo filled with minced meat. You can get fry, steamed, soup Momo all over Nepal. Momo is served with “Chatni” which is a Nepali style homemade pickle with lots of spices. One must surely try this mouth-watering delicacy in Nepal.

Momo in nepal


Dhindo is a food that is made by boiling hot water and continue mixing flours of maize and buckwheat.  It’s an ancient Nepalese food. Affluent in nutrition level and deliciousness, it is mainly consumed in rural areas along with Gundruk (fermented leafy green vegetable) as pickle, meat soup and other vegetables. If you truly want to get acquainted with the Nepali food, Dhindo is a must-try. You can get to eat it in many restaurants and hotels.

Dhindo in nepal


A doughnut-like appearance, Selroti is a ring-shaped sweet dish specially prepared during festivals. It is reddish-brown in colour and has a crispy texture on outside but soft from inside. Selroti is made by rice flour with ghee, sugar mixed in water. The thick paste is later deep fried and as a result, one will get to eat sweet Selroti. People can consume this for nearly 3 days as snacks. You can enjoy Selroti with curry and drink.

Sel roti in nepal

Alu Tama

It literally translates to Potato and bamboo stem. It is a unique mixture of Indian and Chinese cooking styles as the former uses a lot of spices and the latter uses bamboo shoots in their dishes. The combination brings about an exciting curry-flavoured dish that is eaten with rice or beaten rice.

Aloo tama


Chatamari is a Newari dish. “Newars” are the indigenous group of Nepal. Made from rice flour, the crepe is topped with minced meat, egg and seasoned with vegetables. Also sometimes referred to Nepali pizza, this is a must-try delicacy.

Chatamari in nepal

Juju Dhau

A speciality of the town of Bhaktapur, Juju Dhau means the “King Yogurt”. Rich in taste and with a thick creamy consistency, once you taste it you’ll know why it is called “King yoghurt”. Found in clay pots and plastic cups, it is often used as a dessert. 

Juju Dhau


Yomari is another popular Newari dish of Nepal. To prepare a Yomari, rice flour is kneaded with hot water into a fig shape and filled with Chaku or Khuwa and then steamed until cooked. It is served hot during the winter months as the ingredients help to keep the body warm. 

food to try in nepal

Ghonghi – Delicacy of Snail

It is a dish that is mostly eaten on the lower parts of Nepali, Terai, by the local tribe called Tharus residing there. Though the look-alike factor is similar to French escargot, many people don’t really eat this except Tharus. For eating, these snails are boiled and cooked in the way other curries are cooked, however, the most essential part adding the ground linseed, which gives consistency to the gravy as well as enhances the taste. The Ghonghi is served with rice and this combination, for indigenous people in Terai, had been a staple food for ages now.

ghongi in nepal

Some other major foods

If you want to go further and taste many more, yak cheese, sweets like Gudpak, Pustakari can give you a new taste. Every street has its own unique taste and you will get to taste different foods all over Nepal. Visiting here once and tasting Nepali cuisines only once isn’t enough because your taste bud will crave for more. Happy Staying.

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