Highlights of Annapurna 7 Passes Trek

  • Explore the remote trekking destination of Nar Phu Valley.
  • Exploring the Holy Muktinath temple.
  • Stunning views of the snow-capped mountains and the surroundings.
  • Peaceful nature and mountain wilderness away from the crowd and the road.
  • Trekking through the hidden valleys.
  • Mesmerizing sunrise from Highest point of ACAP region Thorong La pass.
  • Stay away from the crowd and the road, and get a birds-eye view from alpine meadows throughout the trek.
  • Trekking through hidden valleys and ancient villages Crossing 7 High Passes. Kuchumro Pass, Yarcha Pass, Meta Pass, Phu Pass, Naar Pass, Kang La, Thorong La.

Annapurna 7 Passes Trek Overview

Annapurna 7 Passes Trek is an adventurous trek that passes through the enchanting nature, the astounding Himalayas, and high passes. This is a 24 days trekking that showcases sights of the majestic Annapurna and the corresponding Himalayas. The Annapurna 7 Passes Trekking is one of the best trekking as it covers 7 passes in the Annapurna region and you get an excellent opportunity to explore the geographical and cultural variations. During the 7 passes trek, you will be trekking through amusing passes such as Kuchumro Pass, Yarcha Pass, Meta Pass, Nar Pass, Phu Pass, Kangla Pass, and Thorong La Pass. It is a 24 days trekking that takes you to the mind-blowing places of the Annapurna region where you will be exploring the true mountain beauty.

The high mountain passes showcase the excellent form of natural beauty from the top. Passes are sometimes difficult and technical but every pass has its distinct beauty to offer. You can explore the mountains, valleys, and astounding beauty environed by the Himalayas. This trek is not only a wonderful natural exploration but also an opportunity to understand the mountain culture that is highly influenced by Hindu and Tibetan practices. The Annapurna 7 pass trek is considered to be one of the most difficult trekking in the Annapurna region. It is because it involves multiple mountain passes in the high altitudes and offers excellent beauty but it has difficult trails. So, good physical fitness is very necessary to complete this three-week-long trekking in the territory of majestic Annapurna Massif.

Trekking to the 7 Passes in Annapurna is not favorable for beginner level trekkers. Trekkers are prone to high altitude sickness as all the passes are in high altitudes. So, acclimatization and other measures to mitigate the altitude issues is very necessary. You will be trekking in the restricted area of Nar Phu valley. To trek in this area, you need to obtain an ACAP permit, TIMS Card, and Restricted Area Permit. This trekking offers excellent natural beauty and cultural practices. You can explore the Tibetan influenced culture and traditions.

Annapurna 7 Pass Trek is one of the best yet difficult treks in Nepal. It involves multiple passes and pristine land that is very less visited and unspoiled. Most parts of the trekking are less crowded during the trek. So, you will get a chance to explore the authentic part of Nepal. The magnificent features of the Himalayan complex of Annapurna and culture that is influenced by Tibet in the high altitudes give a unique experience.

This trekking area comprises of Kuchumro Pass, Yarcha Pass, Meta Pass, Nar Pass, Phu Pass, Kangla Pass, and Thorong La Pass in the Annapurna region. Four of the seven passes are above 5000 m, making it strenuous and high-altitude trekking. The rest 3 passes are above 4000 m. During the trek, you will be exploring the villages, rural lifestyle, monasteries, Buddhist culture, flora, and fauna along with the excellent Himalayan views.

Kuchumaro Pass lies at an altitude of 4900 m from where you can explore the excellent views of Manaslu and Lamjung Himal. Yarcha Pass is situated at 4860 m. and you will be crossing Kuchumaro and Yarcha Pass on the same day. This is the difficult part as you will be crossing two passes on the same day but you will explore the best mountain views and sceneries.

Meta Pass at 4635 m takes you to Meta village in the restricted area of Nar Phu valley. You can explore various mountain ranges from the Meta Pass. Some glaciers and waterfalls along the way offer wonderful experiences. Nar pass is another pass in the Nar Phu valley. It lies at 5400 m and is one of the highest passes in the Annapurna region of Nepal. From Nar Pass, you can explore the amazing Bhrikuti, Himlung, Kangaru, Chulu, and Annapurna Himalayan Range. The Phu Pass at 5043 m is another wonderful pass in this region. The amusing views of Himlung glaciers can be seen from Phu pass.

Kang La Pass and Thorang La Pass are other passes in this trek. The Kang la pass lies at 5320 m and situated at the northern part of the Annapurna region. From Kang La Pass, you can explore the majestic Annapurna, Chulu, and Lamjung Himal. The world-renowned Thorang la pass at 5416 m is a major pass in this region. This pass offers the wonderful views of Annapurna, Damodar, Bhirkuti, Dhaulagiri, and many other neighboring mountain peaks. Thorang La connects the Manang and Mustang village of Nepal and is popular for its astounding offerings.

The Annapurna 7 Pass Trek starts with a drive from Kathmandu to Tal village which lies at the bank of beautiful Marshyangdi river. From Tal, you will Trek to wonderful Tilje village passing through the lush greenery, waterfalls and river alongside. The further trek from Tilje takes you to Tachai and Shongle village leading to the Kuchumaro Phedi. From Kuchumaro Phedi, you will be crossing Kuchumaro Pass. After crossing Kuchumaro Pass and Yarcha Pass, you will reach Namakyu village. You will further trek to Meta by crossing Meta Pass. From Meta village, you will trek Phu village.

Meta Pass and Phu village lies in the Nar Phu valley. This is also a restricted area. From Phu village, you will cross Phu pass to reach Loang. The trek from Loang will take you to Chekchu village via Nar Pass. You will visit Nar village and explore the beauty of Nar in the Annapurna region. From Nar village, you will trek to Kang La Phedi and cross the Kang la pass to reach Ngawal. This area is the part of Manang and you will be trekking to Manang village from Ngawal.

After Manang village, you will be trekking to wonderful villages such as Ledar and Phedi. The further trek will take you to Muktinath after crossing the Thorang La Pass. From the wonderful Thorang La, You can see the spectacular views of northern Annapurna, Damodar, Bhrikuti, and Dhaulagiri ranges. The trek will lead you to Jomsom in the Mustang district. Jomsom is the major place of Mustang from where you can get a flight to Pokhara valley. A drive from Pokhara will take you back to the capital Kathmandu.

Annapurna 7 Passes Trek is wonderful trekking that facilitates trekkers with an excellent opportunity to explore the amazing Annapurna region. This trek is a difficult yet rewarding trek and best suitable for the experienced trekkers with good physical fitness. Explore the diverse trekking passes in the Annapurna region to get lifetime experiences in Nepal.

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